Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Absolutely have to do this post before I lose my train of thought!

Had some errands to run this afternoon and just now returned home. The radio was on the whole time, of course, and there are some things going on in baseball that I just feel compelled to comment on.

First things first ... my Astros. No, nothing exciting to report except that they today announced that next year's season ticket prices will be the same as this year's. Woohoo. Big deal, Lucille! They should be discounting tickets for next year, whatcha think?

One thing they are offering, however, for next year is kind of neat. If you buy two season tickets in ----- sections (two of them, but I was driving and couldn't take note of which two), you will get two season tickets in the same section free. Never heard of that!

On kind of a downward note, Roy Oswalt is done for the season. Maybe career? Who knows. Recurring nagging injuries. Personally, I think he's had it.

On kind of an upward note, tonight's game is being played in Cincinnati. Bug, do you ever go to these home games? Only 15,000 there this evening. Plenty of room for you! (Game is currently tied, but don't worry. Your guys are gonna sweep my guys.)

Did I call it for the Yankees and Cards a month or so ago, or did I call it? Man oh man, did those races ever end early, huh?

But, the wild card remains interesting. When I was talking with my son-in-law a while back and telling him I thought his Red Sox were not going to prevail in the American League East, he responded by saying he thought they'd win a wild card berth.

Well, for a while there it was nip and tuck between the Sox and the Rangers. Only two games separated the two teams. However, the Sox have now won six in a row, whereas the Rangers have lost three. The margin has widened to 5.5 games between them. Still close, but the Rangers' hopes are fading fast.

The National League wild card spot has been, for some time now, thought to be in sole possession of the Colorado Rockies. Well, they're dueling it out there in the west, and the Rockies had better start winning again. They've now lost four in a row and are playing the Giants later this evening. Tough and tight, folks! Tough and tight.



steven said...

goldenrod, the jays are now down to 12, 000 fans at their games - this from 50,000 a few years back!!! uh oh. that means ticket prices willll .... hmmmmmm . . . . . ummmm stay the same!!! can't charge more for less now can you? can you? steven

The Bug said...

We've been to a few games, but it's so expensive! And while I enjoy the pagentry of being there I prefer to watch on tv - I can see the ball better! Thought about you last night while we were watching the game. Sad about Roy - we were saying that we thought he was done, done too.

Goldenrod said...

12,000 there in Toronto, eh? I'm not surprised. I'm sure attendance figures are down here, as well, but nowhere near that low, I wouldn't imagine. Your stadium holds 50,000? Minute Maid only 42,000 or 43,000 - something like that. The Astrodome held more.

Minute Maid's a really nice park, but I didn't go (and won't be going) to a single game this year. There's a whole lot of nostalgia exhibited around here for the Dome from some of us old fogies.

Roy'd had Cincinnati's number for years up until this year, I think it was, when he incurred his first loss in your stadium. Yeah, I think he's a goner, but would it ever make me mad if he signed with another team and then was 'all well' again!