Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like eating peanut butter

Have you ever gone through periods in your life when you've acquired a craving for something? Not long ago, you might recall that I had to interrupt writing my latest thoughts because I was out of fudge bars and had to get to the store immediately because my taste buds required another one - or two or three.

Well, that craze ended maybe a month ago. I still eat them and enjoy them very much, but they're not my main dinner course anymore. In fact, I don't think I even had one yesterday. What was it before that? Spam and cheese, probably. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Watermelon. Bing cherries. Grape salad. Spare ribs and sauerkraut. Chili.

Years ago I went through a long stretch of craving romance. The only thing that stopped me from repeating that rhythmic pattern of falling in love, living together, marrying and breaking up was the sobering coincidence of losing my last parent and going through a third divorce in the very same year.

Some phases last longer than others. I wonder how long this one will last? I'm currently in the midst of a Bridge Base Online craze, and almost everything else has fallen way to the back of my 'to do' list, including "Goldenrod's thoughts". Yesterday, however, I came out of my daze long enough to read and add a couple of comments to Tammy's latest posts, so maybe things are easing off a bit?

I say "almost" everything else because I am getting one thing done that was on my list for months! I moved a very large crate-like wooden box (that I converted to hold legal-size file folders years ago) to my office this past week, and have been discarding old art business stuff from there - Yes! Actually throwing things away, if you can believe it!! - and adding (relabeling the files) materials related to bridge, Goldenrod's thoughts,, health and insurance.

How am I finding the time to do this? Well, when I'm dummy. For those of you who are non-bridge players, 'dummy' is the term applied when - after the bidding portion of the hand has been concluded, your partner is declarer and plays the hand. You have nothing at all to do for the next few minutes. It's working out really well. Slow, but sure. I'm feeding my addiction and accomplishing something positive all at the same time!


The Bug said...

I should find an online obsession that has built-in down time too! I'm currently playing a game on facebook that's on a timer - so I'm completely UNavailable when I play. Annoys my husband no end.

Craig Peihopa said...

glad you are good Goldenrod

steven said...

i wondered what that gasping sound was - it was you coming up for air!!! nice post goldenrod. my current addictions are peanut butter sandwiches, dark beer, hugging my kids, ordering books, and laughing. have a lovely day y'all. steven

Tammy said...

Well it's good to see a post from've been missed.

I remember you going through several of these crazes this past couple of years, lol. Currently mine are sugar babies and oatmeal. NOT together of course. :)

Chuck said...

Good to hear from you again. My food addictions all revolve around sugar, so I try to keep it out of my house. My addictions seem to involve travel and the outdoors, though I prefer to call them "passions!" (And I'm a dummy without playing Bridge!)

Goldenrod said...

That WOULD be annoying, Bug, to everyone but you! :)

Gasping sound, huh? Cute, Steven. You've definitely been around me too much. You're developing a Southern accent! :)

Now, see there, guys? Chuck, our retired English teachers, prefers to use the word "passion" for his addictions. We can always learn something from our betters, can't we? :)

Tammy and Craig, I appreciate your comments as always. Much luv to all.