Friday, August 21, 2009


This has been a strange week, what with my 'falling off the pottie' episode and whatnot all else.

I just got off the phone with my son-in-law, asking him what his schedule looked like for today. I told him I needed to bring something out there for him to look at. He asked, "It wouldn't be a toilet, would it?" (I could hear a barely muffled 'Hee hee' in the background.) What does he think I am, anyway - some kind of Amazon, that I could pick up and carry a toilet all the way out there to Katy? Give me a break here, would you please?!?

No, the 'problem' I want him to look at and resolve is my weedeater (inherited from my daughter). I can't seem to get it apart to see if the weedeating thingamabop is out of plastic, or if it's just entangled. I did this myself a few years back, but am unable to do it now for some reason. (I tried to reach my neighbor last night to see if he could help me, but was unsuccessful.)

He's going to call me when he gets back from lunch. Meanwhile, my front entry is threatening to become overgrown with grass and weeds and absolutely MUST be trimmed! Elsewise, the homeowner's association will charge me $$ to do it. (I've gone back and forth with the association many times before and would like to avoid this scenario, if possible.)

Meanwhile, I've been called for jury duty again, can you believe it? This one's for traffic court. September 8th. I wrote an extensive post in June of last year "On discharging one's civic responsibilities", which you can read at your leisure if you wish.

I'm tempted to go and 'serve'. I think the likelihood is GREAT that I'll be 'kicked off' of any actual juror's list simply due to my many years of professional driving ... ... still and all, tho, I'm tempted to go. What do you think? Should I?

As a slight follow-up to my 'falling off the toilet' episode, I'll tell you that a very large and colorful bruise on my upper left arm is - as of this writing - disappearing. I'm pretty sure that I was lucky.

Has any of you read any of others' "Transformative moments"? My goodness! Some of them are really difficult to read, while others are downright amusing. It was a glorious idea that you had, Steven, and I'm not the least bit surprised that you had such a wide variety of participants.

All for now, guys. More later, including - as I promised you, Tammy, a wild card post.


steven said...

hi goldenrod, a very chatty post today - which is lovely. it's nice to just let loose with current happenings isn't it!!! i dunno about the jury duty piece, i'm sure that you have to show up no matter what but perhaps you'll luck out and they'll say - too many years pro driving and let you be. you've got the card world to take care of, you can't afford the time!!! hey, i've not seen any mention of grape salad for a little while. is there a story there or is it as simple as - it just ain't available?!!! inquiring minds need to know. tonight on the movie menu: "inspiration" starring greta garbo!!! oh heart be still!!! see you steven

Goldenrod said...

Truth is, Steven, that I am finally eligible - at my advanced age - to be legally excused from jury duty. Now that I AM, however, I'm tempted to go and see what's happening, if just for the laughs.

You asked that grape salad question of me recently in another comment and I answered it, but you must not have hit the "Email follow-up comments to ... ..." box. I'll try and remember to put it in my next "blabbing all" post.

Greta Garbo is (supposedly) one of my very distant relatives. It's a convoluted path that leads to her that my daughter (who has worked quite a bit on genealogy) tells me is probably not true, but it's funny, anyway. Here's how it goes ... ... my father's uncle's second wife, Clara, was an aunt of two girls who were second cousins of Greta's. Are you ROFLOL yet?

Tammy said...

LOL, love your relation to Greta Garbo. ;)

And do keep us posted on the jury duty thing. Our city has it out for Monty too...he gets called every other year or so. I've only been called once - about 15 or 16 years ago!