Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dibs and dabs

[Saturday afternoon - late] I'll begin this today and finish sometime tomorrow, probably.

First off, tho, I feel obliged to say
That I'll root for my Astros, come what may

Even if they appear downtrodden
I'll still be here. They're not forgotten.

I'll be watching tonight and tomorrow
Let's hope that both games do not end in sorrow.

All limericks and poor attempts at poetry aside - and it's a bit difficult to put them aside, I'm finding. Once Goldenrod gets started on a new kick, it's really difficult to stop her until she's exhausted everyone's (including her own!) patience.

[Sunday afternoon - late] Don't know if any of you read the limerick that Tammy composed for me - which was the subject of my last post - or not, but sometimes it almost seems as tho she can see me from way over there in Idaho and knows what's really going on.

I've been battling, for the past week or so, an infection that I thought was going to hospitalize me Thursday evening. Finally, tho, it seems to be getting under control, but it sure scared me!

Fortunately, the antibiotics I've been taking are in swallowable form (very similar in size and shape to Contac, which I've never had any trouble swallowing!) - which, as you might remember, is a real bugaboo for me.

Not really a whole lot going on. I've been getting a lot of sleep and am eating again ... ... lots of fruit. This is a great time of year to crave fruit!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend, and I'll talk atcha again real soon!


Tammy said...

Wow, glad you are feeling better! The second I read you were taking meds in a pill form, I thought of you and your not being able to swallow those easily. I'm glad they are small at least.

Drink lots, rest lots, and update us when you can.

♥ Tammy & family

steven said...

if you've got to have a fruit craving goldenrod, this is definitely the time to have it. how's the grape salad addicition going?! steven

Goldenrod said...

Grape salad addiction went by the wayside, Steven ... thought I wrote about that in one of my posts, but I guess not ... primarily because the PIC of making it at that Kroger's store went on to greener pastures (I guess!) and it's just not the same. Haven't been there now in - I guess - almost two months. Am eating lots and lots of grapes, Bing cherries, muskmelon and watermelon. Good, good stuff!

Am pretty sure that 'not being able' to swallow pills easily is all in my head, Tammy, and had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to swallow however large those antibiotic pills were going to be. If I choked to death, sobeit, I decided. I'm really getting more than just a little tired of this 'mind block' - at least, that's what I think it is!

Craig Peihopa said...

YEs glad you are better over here as well Goldenrod.

Chuck said...

Continue to convalesce!