Monday, August 17, 2009

Before I forget ...

... I'd like to remind any of you who might be interested that this coming Wednesday, August 19th, is the date that Steven has set for hosting his brand-new proposed meme, "A Transformative Moment".

If you would like to participate in his 'first ever', he invites you to leave a comment on any of his posts and he will be happy to add your name and link to those who have already signed up.

What is a 'transformative' moment? Well, on his current sidebar, Steven writes ... ... an experience that you knew in that moment - or on reflection - changed you.

He introduced his idea here and then - just a couple or so days ago - posted a list of those who had already expressed an interest in being a part of this historic event here.

Steven is one of those treasures that I discovered about a year and a half ago while surfing the net, and you've no doubt noticed that he has been on my "I recommend" list before. He's 'off' for the summer - he's a schoolteacher - and has been having a whole lot of fun acquiring new fans and posting like crazy.

There's an expression in CB radideoland that goes, "I'm 10-10 and listenin' in." What that means is ... while you'll still have your radio on, you won't be doing any talking or participating in the conversation. I'm sure Steven wouldn't mind a bit if you just decide to '10-10 and listen in' on others' "transformative moments".

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