Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weird, weird ...

... weather patterns, interleague baseball action and dreams. Which one would you like me to tackle first?

Well, let's go with the weather. My son-in-law was due to come over here this morning to see if he could fix my printer (it's been 'down' for over a week now), install my scanner and try to show this old fuddy duddy how to work it. We spoke on the phone a few minutes ago, and decided to reschedule it for tomorrow morning. My electricity has been going on and off - most unexpectedly, and now there are some pretty good-sized storms in the area. I don't think he should be driving or trying to work with computer installations in storms, do you?

As far as interleague baseball action is concerned, I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am for the 'regular' season to resume! Not that my Astros were doing all that well against other National Leaguers, I hope you understand, but still! I'm absolutely positive that Steven (Blue Jays) and my son-in-law (Red Sox) would concur, although Tammy (with her hedged bets of both the Yankees & Cardinals would disagree, as would Patrick (Braves).

Barf and arrgh would be my most appropriate comments here, I think.

Now then (oxymoron #21 being put to good use here), for my weird dream ... and, of course, I don't remember MOST of it! ... I was driving (I have a lot of 'driving' dreams!), ex-husband #1 was in the car, as was our daughter (both as a baby and as a young adult ... if that isn't weird to the extreme, I don't know what is!) ... ... At one point in my dream, I was driving a very small vehicle whereupon, if we all leaned back at one time, we could balance enuf so that we could very carefully negotiate our way down some steep stairs (I, as the 'driver extraordinaire', would be in charge of the steering wheel and brakes, of course!) ... ... I woke myself up laughing out loud at the preponderousness of it all.

Where do dreams like this come from, for crying out loud? Too much for me, folks. Just too much!


Craig Peihopa said...

Goldenrod, my dreams of late have been very interesting. Ever since I put an Indian Dream Catcher at the head of my bed I can remember all sorts of things from my dreams, I don't know if I am confident to say it is a direct relationship, but I have had such vivid, exciting dreams of late and I can remember them!

steven said...

hey goldenrod, you know it is so funny that the dreams that i wake up from thinking "man, that was powerful, i'd better write that one down", well do you think it's there? yeah right! i can barely remember any of it and then there are the "junk dreams", you know the ones where you wake up thinking "what did i do last night that made my brain mess up like that?!" as for the jays, well i;m laughing at no one since we lost our fifth in a row last night!!! uh oh. remember i told you so about the jays goldenrod!!