Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A mad dash ...

... is now underway to the summit of Mount Everest while the weather holds. There was about a two-week period when no one was climbing except for a handful of Sherpas. Some members of Wendy's team, including her, even went back down below Base Camp to try and recover some energy and wait out the storms above. A few teams gave up completely on any dreams they might have had of a successful attempt this year and went home.

Just two days ago, tho, the mad scramble began in earnest. It was reported on Wendy's blog that they were once again at Base Camp and pushing towards Camp One. I checked with other sites that were sending back information on their Everest expeditions, and all had one thing in mind ... reaching the summit.

I didn't check yesterday, but I did just a few minutes ago. Nothing new from Wendy, but more than one team has successfully made the ascent. You can read some of the exciting news and see a few early photos here.

And Steven? If you're reading this, do you remember some of your posts where you showed people 'soaring' down, along and through mountain passes? Check this site out. Heavens to Betsy! Can you imagine skiing or boarding down one of these mountains? I can't!

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steven said...

hi goldenrod, thanks for this amazing link! i can't really connect to much of anything these men and women do - it's not beyond my comprehension - i simply can't picture myself doing it myself. the stories are incredible though.