Monday, April 20, 2009

This one's for you!

This will be my 502nd post. FInally published my 500th yesterday, and I can't even begin to tell you the relief I felt when I hit that "Publish Post" button! (And yes, Steven, I very clearly remember the first time I did so. Do you remember the first time you did so?)

I hope that this one will not be inordinately long. At the same time, however, I have a lot to say (So what else is new, right?) in response to comments I received on my 500th.

Just the title of my blog, "Goldenrod's thoughts", should probably lead one to believe that there will not be many photographs. How does one take pictures of one's thoughts? Michael, on the other hand - and for the most part, doesn't use photographs. Instead, he creates many of the illustrations - sometimes in cartoon form - used to introduce his poems. Clever, clever man!

I came more and more to realize, however, that a photo or two would be really good to add, particularly when I was recalling a memory. The 'orgadon' is probably one of the better examples, published last June. In a comment to an earlier post, where I described in detail how 'the beast' had come to be so defrocked/feathered/befouled (whatever!), Chuck asked if I had a picture of the newly-painted beast. I'm sure there must have been at least one taken but, if there was, I don't have it.

The next I remember thinking - this time much more seriously, "I really need to develop the capability to add a photo or two," was when I was writing about 4th of July celebrations. In fact, it was only a couple or so weeks later that I first published something other than pure rhetoric in one of my posts.

When was it that I first included a somewhat distant sideview of me in "My Profile" laughing my head off while playing a game of badminton out at my daughter's house? November? December? Something like that. As I recall, Tammy's comment was, "I just knew that we'd see a picture of you laughing!"

Since then, I have published two recent photos of me. This one ...

taken Christmas Eve day, was taken by Beth at her house. If you want to enlarge the photo and get the whole story, Craig, you'll have to go back to this post. (Don't think you had a chance to read it. It was published at a time when you were working 60-hour days.)

and this one ...

taken by Chuck - and 'swiped' from his post - while he, Whalechaser (Ellen) and I were mutually enjoying a couple or three hours of nonstop hilarity just three months ago. How is it possible that it was only three months ago?!? Seems like forever!

Chuck has suggested that I 'scan' photos from the past. That's a very good idea, and one I would probably have taken advantage of and incorporated into my posts long ago except for one fact. I don't have 'digital scanning' capabilities. At least, I don't think I do! I do not own a digital camera. (Am I in the dark ages, or what? If you think that I am in the dark ages now, you should have seen me in September 2007!)

I own one camers. It's a Polaroid. Would that work?

My mother used to take pictures out the wazoo. Craig takes pictures out the wazoo. Tammy takes pictures out the wazoo. Moi? Lawdy, lawdy, I don't even remember the last time I took a picture!

All right, then, when was the last time I had a picture taken of me? I'm really taxing my memory banks here, but the last time I remember pictures being taken of me - other than that hideous one for my passport - were those I have already included in my posts. (Well, except for one of me trying to teach my granddaughter how to knit. It's a less than flattering photograph - my daughter probably wishes she had taken it from another angle - and so you will probably never see it published on this blog.)

At the same time, Chuck, your point is well-taken. I'll have to go back through multitudinous photographs from the past - at least the ones that I have kept! - to see whatall should be scanned for possible inclusion in future posts.

Craig? What can I tell ya, darlin'? You want a 'pictorial glimpse of my world' ... you've been "secretly hoping to get a LOT more pictures of me, of Munising, of the cab, of my haunts" ... oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, Craig!

A "pictorial glimpse" of my world would consist these days, mainly, of me sitting here at the computer with Sam sitting sullenly and pouting to my left. I really DO need to have my daughter get over here with her digital camera to 'pan' several shots, some of which might even be publishable! :)

Pictures of Munising, Craig? The Munising I remember from my youth is nowhere near even remotely similar to the Munising as it exists today! When I was there last in 2000, there was not a camera in existence that could have captured the memory I have in my mind of the beauty that met my eyes coming into this 'hamlet' from the south. Not a single one! I don't care HOW expensive the lens was!! It took my breath away, Craig. Simply took my breath away!

Of the cab? Jacky took one of me posed next to my Yellow Cab many years ago when she was here. I think I still have that photo somewhere and, if I can find it, I'll post it (after my daughter scans it, of course!). And then I'll tell the story behind it. To my knowledge, there was never a picture taken of me driving a City Cab.

Of my 'haunts'? What haunts?!? My 'haunts' primarily include going back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom, in here to see what's going on with the Internet world and - every so often - turning on the television to watch a favorite show or two. And so on and on this cycle goes. Bedroom. Bathroom. Computer. Television. I don't have any 'haunts', per se, Craig. Do you want me to publish pictures of Kroger's, Randall's or HEB grocery stores?

Oopsie! I have forgotten to include some of my WOW activities. Boring to outsiders, really. (You'll just have to trust me on this one!) Even so, the next meeting of WOW that I attend - if indeed there is a next one! - I will make sure sure that either my daughter is there to take a photo or one of the other members takes one. Bridge activities? Give me a break here, would you please? Picture four people sitting around a card table holding cards. You tell me ... ... what could possibly be exciting or even remotely interesting about that?!? (Unless it's Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, of course!)


Craig Peihopa said...

Goldenrod, I did like this post and was chuckling a few times. But I did say that you could do the pictures on your 1000th post to give you plenty of time! Thanks so much .

Tammy said...

What you don't know, Goldenrod, is that I have a photo of you and Sam on my fridge. The girls also have one hanging on their bulletin boards in their bedrooms. HA!

How did I do that? I saved the photo of you and Sam to my desktop, uploaded it to my Walmart account, paid about 44 cents total for the 4 photos, and had them sent to me in the mail.



Chuck said...

Do you have a printer for your computer? If so, might it be an "all in one" unit that makes photocopies? If so, it also scans photos and should have software on the computer to allow it to scan.

That's the easy way. Or Walgreens/WalMart/etc. will scan them and burn them to a CD for you for minimal charge, from which you can access them with the "browse" command that comes up on Blogger when you hit the photo icon.

Goldenrod said...

I do have a printer, Chuck, but it only prints b&w. However, my son-in-law was the one who programmed and set up my computer, and I notice there's an "Adobe Photoshop" on my desktop. Have never tried to use it, so don't really know whatall my software capabilities might be. I'll be sending him an e-mail shortly that he'll notice after he gets up later today. I'll be interested to hear what he says. There's probably a whole bunch of stuff available to me that I've yet to try and access to see how it works and how I can make use of it.

You da man, Tammy! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post. For scanning a flatbed scanner at Office Depot or Staples can be had for anywhere from $50 to $120. They are most invaluble. Scanning older photos (digitizing them in the lingo) preserves them. These are quite simple to use and come with their own software in most cases. Photoshop is very good if you already have it.

Keep up the good work. I very much enjoy reading your posts.


Goldenrod said...

Thanks for the added suggestions, Steve. I'll be sure to mention them to my son-in-law when he calls.

Appreciate the compliment on my posts. I enjoy yours, as well. I particularly liked the one about your new kitty.

Goldenrod said...

Hi again, everybody! Tis I.

Heard back from my son-in-law, who scanned from afar - oh most omnipotent one! - my computer's capabilities. The good news is that my computer DOES have Adobe Photoshop plus the ability to enhance/change/crop/highlight/re-size, etc. and blah ... all that good stuff. (I'd have to learn how to do it all first, of course!) The bad news is that I do not have a flatbed scanner. HowEVer, the good news is that he has an extra one! The bad news is that it's going to be a while before he can get over here to install the flatbed scanner and then connect everything back up again to make sure it's working properly and tied in with whatever else is currently in good working condition ... you know how that goes, I betcha.

Still and all, tho, I feel obliged to tell you that you will likely NOT see my face plastered all over one of my posts - as in the 1,000th, for example! (I might decide instead, Craig, to send you a separate e-mail with a bunch of attachments. Tee hee!)

Craig Peihopa said...

separate email with images Goldenrod? Bring it on!