Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heavens! Cubs fans can cheer from the great beyond

That's just one headline from the news today. What a novel idea!

Some guy in Chicago had this brainstorm a couple or so years ago, but evidently he couldn't get enough $$ together to get it off the ground until last year, when construction began on Chicago's north side. A brick replica of Wrigley's deep center field wall was erected with new ivy planted at its base. Now, it'll take a while to grow in and up, but ivy really doesn't catch much dust so it won't be all that long before that brick wall will be covered with ivy. Then, discards from when the old grass was being replaced at Wrigley were grabbed up and moved to the new "eternal rest while you wait for the Cubs to win another World Series" location along with a few seats that the owner snatched from somewhere so that relatives and friends of the deceased could be comfortable while visiting and communing (commiserating?) with their dearly departed.

I'm tellin' ya, folks, when I first heard that this morning, I started laughing like crazy and haven't stopped since. Just too funny!

Apparently, there are niches available for almost three hundred urns containing the cremains of devoted fans. Sports Illustrated - or was it CNN? - reported that upwards of 20 of these sites have already been spoken for. I Googled "Cemetery for Chicago Cubs fans" at various times earlier today, and got three different results. (A lot more info has probably been added since I last looked. You know how these stories can mushroom and perpetuate themselves, I'm sure. Kind of like that Susan Boyle story this past week.)

It's my understanding that many people have been calling with questions. Have niche installations officially begun? How much does one cost? What if I don't have an urn? Can a space be reserved? What security provisions are in place? Although the official 'opening' was just two days ago, there have even been a few inquiries about the legalities involved in moving a loved one's cremains - which have already been interred - to the newer (and more preferred) location.

I wonder if Chuck has made his decision yet? Right now, his Cubs are not doing all that well. Let's see, who beat them today? The Reds. My Astros lost, of course, and are currently being used as doormats for the rest of the National League Central. However, one bright spot is that we took the series from the Dodgers, who have a pretty decent team. Meanwhile, back at the Cardinals ranch, they are continuing their stampede onward atop the division. Patrick's team is hanging in there, and can hold their heads up just a bit higher now that the Marlins have come down a little from their stratospheric perch. Steven's Blue Jays pulled out another win. The Yankees and Red Sox were idle, as were ten other teams.

What a weird week in baseball! Does it seem to you as tho schedules are really light? I mean, Mondays and Thursdays are normally "off" days for teams, but this week - particularly Monday, due to the rainouts - I think it took our radio announcers all of about 10 seconds to recap final scores from the entire major league!

Last week was a real stranger! We went to Pittsburgh ... played Monday against the Pirates, had Tuesday off (What was all that about?) and then finished up the other two games in that set on Wednesday and Thursday. The Pirates, now, are a story in themselves. They swept the Marlins (!), did major damage against us and the Cubbies, I think it was, and are now sitting pretty in 2nd place - actually, they're tied with the Reds - in our division.

But enough about baseball. Wasn't intending to publish anything at all today about this sport, but that story about an eternal resting place for diehard Cubs fans was just too good to pass up.

PS. How is it possible that the Blue Jays are the ONLY team in the major leagues to have as many as seventeen games under their belts? I mean, I know it's true, but still!

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Chuck said...

Being in Florida now, I missed this story completely. Thanks for catching me up on the news. Maybe I'll "steal"it for a post!

My final wishes are already set for cremation and dispersal to the winds atop Uncompahgre Peak in Colorado (14,309 feet) - a place my father has been, I have been, and I want my sons to climb and visit. (But I have visions of them using their inheritance to helicopter up there!)