Sunday, April 19, 2009

I realize that it's early early on yet ...

... (actually, it's 1pm on Sunday, April 19th), but I'm tickled to death to see the Washington Nationals leading the Florida Marlins 2-0. The Nationals have led the Marlins in each of the last two games, only to see their team fall to defeat in the late (or even extra) innings. Go, Nationals, go! Enuf, already, Marlins, with your out-of-this-world .909 winning percentage.

Let's see, what else is going on early? Well, the Braves are currently ahead with a score of 3-0 against the Pirates, who literally 'blew them out of the park' the first two games of this series. Go, Braves, go!

Well, that's it for my early-on report. Have to go to the store. Am completely out of fudge bars, and my Astros are due to start playing any minute now. More later!

(later) There's a M*A*S*H marathon running on Channel 33, a local station that was the last to get back on the air after Ike hit in September, so I don't have much time, but thought I'd add a few lines.

The Nationals lost again, bless their hearts, and the Marlins winning percentage is now up to an incredible .917. The Braves finally came out of their doldrums and took care of business against the Pirates. My Astros' bats, unfortunately, have developed an allergic reaction to a pitched ball anytime men are on base. Combine that fact with poor relief pitching and you get a record of 1-2 so far in this four-game set with the Reds. The Jays and Red Sox both won a couple of squeakers, the Yankees recovered from their 22-4 pasting yesterday at the hands of the lowly Indians and the Cubs vs.Cardinals game has been postponed.

And there you have it, my baseball recap for our 'club'.

Outside, we've had an absolutely spectacular day! Temp is in the low 70's with bright sunshine, and everywhere you look is green green green. Wunderbar!!

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Tammy said...

Go Yankees! (evil chuckle...) ;)