Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six Sentences

On March 8th of this year, Steven published a post that told of a site which really captured my imagination ... "six sentences". I thought at the time, "Hmmm," but didn't do anything further than just that initial "Hmmm".

Well, this is my 500th post. 'Hmmm' time is over. Now I'll take some action! Below you will see just a few of the 'six sentence' writings that I'm considering submitting to the site Steven referenced. They're still in kind of a rough state, but I'm having fun with them. Btw, I am open to any and all ideas and suggestions. Better yet, why don't some of you try one or two on for yourselves and see how they fit?

"Please, God, keep my throat open"

I prayed silently, hoping for inspiration, as I sat with my stepmother and sister at my father's memorial service many years ago. I was going to sing - as part of a trio - "How Great Thou Art", which was his favorite hymn. The other members of the trio were Peter - whom I'd known since grade school, tenor, and Judy - college friend, contralto. I had originally announced that I wanted to sing "The Lord's Prayer" for the service, but my stepmother was afraid I wouldn't be strong enough to do it, and so the three of us had snuck in a practice session the day before and I was really pleased with how it went. My only fear was that my throat would close up with emotion when the time came to get up and sing, but it didn't. Thank you, Lord.

"The Intruder"

I was sound asleep in the lower bunk, but something in the middle of the night made me open my eyes and look up. There was a man standing over me! Scared to death, I dove back under the covers and hoped he would go away. After many fearful and sleepless minutes I dared to look out again, but he was still there! When I finally summoned up the courage to bat out at him, I discovered that my eyes had played tricks on me. "He" was only a result of the moonlight shining through the cabin windows on the covers from the bunk above.


I was walking down the middle of a street in broad daylight with no clothes on, but no one seemed to notice. Everyone else was fully-clothed. Why didn't they notice? I sat down at a sidewalk cafe and ordered some hot chocolate as I was feeling a little chilly. When the waiter smilingly served my order, he said, "Here you are, sir!" I thought, "Sir?!?" and woke up.

"Perfectly understandable"

On the way to the office of my boss, the supplier and I both stopped at a secretary's desk to sample some of her delicious caramel goodies. We continued our nonstop conversation all the way, not the least bit intimidated or constrained by the fact that our mouths were full. In fact, we had no trouble at all understanding what each other was saying. When we arrived at his office, still delightedly chewing on and enjoying both the candy and the conversation, he said, "I don't know what language you're speaking, but please do continue!" (This one's only four sentences. I love this story - and, btw, it's a true one! - but will have to find a way to make it six sentences.)

Just in case you'd like to look up other 'hundredth celebration' posts that I have published, you can find them listed here.


Craig Peihopa said...

A wonderful mix. Congratulations on the 500! Gee you are prolific. I liked the six sentences and I look forward to you reaching the 1000th post. I suspect however that we need to see more pictures for that post. A LOT more pictures of you, of Munising, of the cab, of your haunts, I have been secretly hoping to get a pictorial glimpse of your world for some time.

Tammy said...

Woohoo! The big 5-0-0!

Looking forward to the next 500.


Goldenrod said...

I'm going to do a special post just for you, Craig, and it'll be coming up within the next day or so, but I think you will be highly disappointed.

Not quite what you were expecting, huh Tammy? Big relief my way, tho.

Chuck said...

Well done with the 6 sentences -- saying a lot in a few words!

As far as photos - I say YES. (That's another way to say much in NO words!) So, please, scan photos from the past and show us what you've been writing about.

steven said...

way to go goldenrod. do you remember the beginning of this blog. the first time you pushed the "publish" button. your "six sentences" pieces are great - especially the one ending with you being called "sir". that is really funny!! send 'em all!!!!
keep writing goldenrod.
go jays!!!!