Sunday, April 12, 2009

Astros? Barf and arrgh!

Well, there are five of us now who are included in this blog's friendly (?) baseball rivalry.

Steven has decided that he wants to be in our group. He describes himself as a Toronto Blue Jays' fan -- "Well, sort of," he says. He's "trying on baseball this season" now that his hockey team has been knocked out of the playoffs ... "season ended prematurely, like some marriages," he added with a wink.

Glad to have you aboard, Steven. We need people with a sense of humor. And your timing couldn't possibly have been better! Your team is leading both the American and National Leagues in winning percentage (.833), did you know that? Have you discovered this site? This is where you can check daily to find out how your Blue Jays compare to the other teams in your division and see how the rest of the American League is doing. You can even check on the National League, if you want to.

Your team and my son-in-law's team (Boston Red Sox) are in the same division. The Red Sox are currently 2-3, tied for last with Tampa Bay in the American League East.

Patrick's team (Atlanta Braves) really struggled last year, and he was discouraged early. However, this year the Braves have started out with a bang. They have a 4-1 record. That's a winning percentage of .800, which is almost as good as it gets. Keep it up, Patrick! (That is, until you play the Astros. In which case, it's "Go, Astros!" But we're not in the same division, so I'll be cheering for your team a lot.)

The Chicago Cubs (Chuck's team), who tore through the National League's Central Division like gangbusters last year but then fell flatter than the proverbial pancake in the playoffs for God only knows whatever reason, are now tied for second place with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Unbelievable!

Leading the Central Division pack are (my personally least favorite team - sorry, Tammy!) the St. Louis Cardinals, who have beaten my Astros twice already in a set of three games. I watched yesterday's debacle. I don't think it's so much bad pitching as it is a case of lack of timely hitting. In each of the first three innings yesterday, we left two men on base. Unacceptable!

I realize that it's way early in the season, but still! My team, up to this point, pretty much sucks. (However, that won't stop me from watching the game that's due to start in a little over two hours now. I have to catch these games that will be shown on my television set when I can, right?)


Tammy said...

Well I want in on this group! lol

Actually, I don't follow baseball much anymore unless my Yankees are doing well. I've only been to one professional game, but I loved every minute of it.

I also follow the Cardinals if they are doing well. One of my best memories was watching the world series with my dad (he was and is a HUGE Cardinals fan). I must have been 12 or 14 years old. 1982 maybe? Maybe even '83 or '84... Anyway, I cheered every night and thought Darrel Porter was sooooo cute, lol! Hey, I was a teenager and he was awesome during the world series. I don't remember who the Cardinals played, but I am pretty sure the Cardinals won. If I remember right, lol.

Do my Yankees ever play your team, Goldenrod?

Headed over to that link you gave us...

Tammy said...

Oh for-heavens-to-bob...I just looked up Darrell Porter and found out he DIED in 2002. I had no idea. I hope Don Mattingly is still around...

My Yankees are doing so-so according to the link you gave us. I guess yours and my team don't play each other. Unless they've ever been in a world series together???

Chuck said...

I was about to chime in here, but then my cell phone rang (the ringtone is the "Go, Cubs, Go" song.)

Now I'm back to say to all you NL fans -- Don't worry if the Cubs take the division again for the 3rd year, because we always bow out gracefully and quickly in the post-season. We try not to even win a single game in the playoffs so as not to hurt anyone's feelings, I presume. It's only been 100 years since we were world champs, so what's the hurry?

steven said...

hey what a month for me! first i get invited to join a book club, then i get invited into a baseball fan club! wow!!! well i have a lot to learn. first of all the passion i feel for my hockey club the toronto maple leafs needs to transfer to the blue jays. the trouble with the jays (as you probably know) is that they often come out all gangbusters and then like a balloon that has risen too high, just as quickly deflate and sink to the bottom of the standings. that hvaing been established, i will not engage in any wars of words or stats with you goldenrod because i suspect you're following a far superior team (well it will be in the long run as houston appears to be struggling at the moment)!! did i say that out loud?!!! see you, steven
p.s. oh and thanks for the stats link. i'll be studying that very intently as i know baseball fans usually have those things memorized.

Goldenrod said...

Tammy, you're 'in'. However, I hope you don't expect that I will send many positive comments your teams' ways ... that is, unless they are playing against another team that I like even less! Ho boy, we're gonna have some fun this year, are we not? :)

Btw, I think the Yankees were here in Houston last year during the regular season. The Yankees and Cubs both enjoy a whole lot of national exposure, and it's always been a source of irritation for me that - whenever they (Cubs or Yankees) play here, it seems there are more fans in the stadium for the opposition than those who support the home team, which probably speaks more for how many 'fickle' fans for the Astros we have.

Steven, I don't follow stats like crazy ... not since 1994, the year of the strike. THAT one really got to me ... almost killed my following of baseball forever!