Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day

Barf, aargh, and all those other yukky epithets. Roy O's very first pitch was met by the Cubbie Dubbie Dewies' leadoff hitter connecting with a home run, for crying out loud! What a way to begin the season.

The above paragraph was written yesterday evening. It's now early am on Tuesday. I've gotta tell ya, folks, that it didn't get any better. :( Roy's first pitch in the 2nd inning was met with another connecting home run by the bad guys, and our hitters were nowhere in sight.

I don't want to take anything away from Carlos Zambrano, the starting pitcher for the Cubs. He pitched extremely well, and Lou Piniella - being the good manager that he is - took him out when it appeared that he was lagging. The Cubbies went on to win ... 4 to 2 was the final score.

And so, we have begun the season 0 and 1. Tonight I'll get to watch the game on TV. More reports tomorrow, no doubt.

Yesterday, I had intended to complete my application to be a free-lance blogger. I wrote extensively about my agonizing (I hate applications and interviewing. Absolutely hate that whole process!) here.

However, I hadn't slept at all well the night before. Think it was because of our extreme weather change. It's been a really weird early spring! Found myself having to nap a couple of times during the day. In addition to that, tho, I was more focused on some of WOW's (my writer's group) concerns ... and, to compound matters, my mind kept drifting north and east to Michigan, where the 44-year-old daughter of two of my dearest friends was undergoing radical treatment (three different and very powerful drugs being administered during one session) for breast cancer.

WOW's concerns have now been fully addressed and I'll be getting responses back from each of them later on today, no doubt, but the main body of the issue has been satisfactorily resolved in my mind. I spent more than just a few hours on this. It was important to me.


Tammy said...

Lots going on in your life right now... Keep us posted on your friends' daughter

Also, about the game....at least it can only get better! :)

tamlovesran said...

I grew up being a baseball fan, but have lost interest over the years. I think Randy said our Braves had a good opening day this year.