Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scattered thoughts

I drove Joanne, one of my old-timey customers, to Hobby Airport this morning. Traffic was very light, as expected, and we got there in good time.

Joanne celebrated her 86th birthday last week and I wished her a belated happy birthday. She looks great, all things considered! I mean, she's got steel where most people have bones and always has to arrive at the airport early so she can get through all of the metal detectors.

She's traveling to Boston to visit her sister and family and is worried about the weather. Well, better today than last weekend, right? She's also worried about her connection coming back through Chicago. She's due to arrive back here in Houston at 10:45 pm Monday night.

Not to worry, Joanne. It is what it is and will be what it will be. She'll call me from Chicago if there are any delays or cancellations, which are not at all unlikely at this time of year, and I'll adjust my plans accordingly.

We talked nonstop all the way to the airport, as per usual. I asked her if she'd seen Celia lately - Celia's the one who initially referred Joanne to me - and she obliquely replied that they go to the same church and are members of the same band.

Well, that didn't mean she'd seen her, right? But I ignored her non-answer and chuckled over memories I had of Celia playing her banjo and in costume. Can't you just see these guys? In a banjo band? In costume? Grins stretching from ear to ear? Rrvit!

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, in an update from the story about my intrusion the other night, I have a couple of things to add. My father's fishing gear is no longer in the garage. Perhaps the thief will now go fishing instead of stealing from others?

One other thing. The thief (think there might have been only one) opened a 12-pack of diet A&W root beer - I keep them in the garage - and took a can. I find that quite amusing. Either he/she drank it all and threw the empty can in one of the paper bags I keep in the garage for such, or he/she kept drinking it while he/she made his/her escape. Anyway, I did not find an empty can littering either the garage or the yard.

The car seems to be running just fine, thank the good Lord. Years and years ago, when I was still actively working with my stamp collection, a friend and I left the church (Celia's church, as it happens) where the browse was being held and decided to go for a walk.

I didn't want to carry my purse or stamp books with me and, after quickly looking around to see if there were any "suspicious" characters hanging about, left all in the front seat and locked the door.

Does that sound stupid to you? It does to me, but only because I now have years of jaundiced experience as a taxicab driver behind me. I mean, I could see a couple sitting in a parked vehicle nearby, but thought nothing of it. Oh, my!

We returned from our very pleasant walk only to find that my car had been broken into (passenger side window smashed) and my purse taken. They left the stamps. Hmmph!

I need to put out an all points bulletin for large kleenex. I am completely out and my son-in-law, who has been very reliable in the past for procuring same, tells me that he hasn't seen any for at least a month.

Please, if you can help by pointing me in the right direction for this most wonderful product - see this post for a full description - let me know forthwith. This is an emergency! Helpp!!


Tammy said...

A litter-free thirsty thief. Well that just beats all...

Goldenrod said...

Yes, doesn't it?