Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just for grins

A couple of weeks ago, Chuck posted a list of the world's shortest books. I asked him if the list was original with him and he said that it was from a mass e-mail a long time ago, altho he did revise and edit it a bit. Might give you a chuckle or two ... I know it did me!

And then, just a few days later, he dug up reasons why there would be no nativity scene in Washington this year.

Now, a little further north and quite a bit east, Steven has devised a way to make it snow on his blog. Isn't that clever? For the past couple of months or so, ever since Steven changed his background and type colors, I have been unable to read, enjoy or comment much on his blog. (I think I'm the only one of his readers bothered by this. I keep checking back - every other day, maybe - hoping that I'll be able to read something that he posts, because he's got lots of good stuff to offer, but the snow sure is fun!)

Much further west - out in Idaho - and not 'just for grins', Tammy posted the results of publishing (via Blurb) her 2007 and 2008 blog entries. What a lovely idea! Has anyone else thought of doing this?

I have been remiss in posting much about Christmas. Last year at this time, I was happily listening to a lot of special music and ended up with eight posts altogether that included some of my favorites. I hope you enoyed that series. I will be listening again and posting #1 later on today.


Tammy said...

I also had a good laugh at Chuck's posts!

And that snow on Steven's blog is pretty...I've got another friend who made it snow on her blog, too. I wonder how they did that... ?

Goldenrod said...

Some time back, when it first began 'snowing' on Steven's blog, he responded to a question in the comment section about that very thing, Tammy. He usually reads my posts. Perhaps, if he reads this one, he will add a comment of explanation for you.

Glad you enjoyed Chuck's posts. He has a keen sense of humor.