Sunday, December 20, 2009

An intrusion

I was in here earlier today, working away at the computer - probably updating my latest post - when there was a knock at my front window. I ignored it.

A few minutes later there was a knock at my front door. I ignored it. Then the doorbell rang. I ignored that!

I could hardly believe it when, a few minutes later, there was a knock at my back door. I opened it in my disheveled and now somewhat angry state, a little ticked off at this latest unwelcome intrusion into my life, and said, "Yes? What is it??"

There stood my neighbor, who apologized for the interruption, but then went on to say how his garage had been broken into last night. He had noticed that my gate was ajar (My gate is always ajar!) and my garage door was open. (My garage door seems to have a mind of its own. It comes open when it feels like being open.)

Said I might want to check out my garage. Well, the last thing I wanted to do was check out my garage and so I put it on the back burner. The only thing out there of any value is my car. Well, almost. I've been told that my dad's fishing gear is valuable. (Do thieves bother about such things? Probably not.)

Later, after publishing my much-revised post, I ventured out to the garage and peeked at where my car should have been to see if it was still there. It was. And, it appeared to be intact.

Slowly moving closer towards the vehicle, I looked down towards the tires. Both were still there and fully-inflated. (Keep in mind that I could see only one side of the car at that point.)

I inched forward, hesitant to touch anything, but then finally decided to try and open the driver's side door. It opened too easily. Whomever was in there had not firmly closed it when they left.

I took a quick glance around inside. The glove box was agape, but what was still in there - from what I could see (had not brought a flashlight out with me, and the interior lights did not appear to be on) was what I always have in there ... insurance, registration and deposit slips for the bank. Stuff like that. That's it.

My wonderful Christmas gift from Walter Freitag, my nighttime bridge mentee, was still there - intact, altho the colorful wrap had been strewn all over the back seat - along with a couple of groceries that I had yet to bring in from the car. I think my gift from Walter might be worth a little money, but they must not have known that.

What was it they were looking for, anyway?

I got really nervous about the fact that there were no interior lights on in the car and decided to come back into the house, get the car keys and go back out to see if it started. Did they wear down the battery?

I did and it did. However, this was a few hours ago. I probably need to go out again to see if it starts. Give me a sec here while I do it, ok? ... ... It does. Just as soon as I publish this, I intend to go out for a short drive. See if everything works as it should.

There doesn't appear to have been any damage done to the car. I mean, while they were in there they could have 'keyed' the exterior, slashed the seats and tires, taken my driver's license/Randalls' and Kroger's cards, WellCare identification card, Shell credit card ... who knows whatall damage might have been done?

Kids? Adults? I have no idea. I am thankful that there was no personal ill will.

I had a momentary hard time when I sat in the driver's seat, only to realize that it had been set back farther than I like it. That wasn't a good thing! If it hadn't been for my neighbor alerting me that there had been a break in, I probably would have had a much more nervous reaction that I did. Which reminds me. While I am not fond of my neighbor, I do appreciate his efforts in letting me know about this one! I'm going to have to write a very nice thank you note and leave it at his front door.

Have you ever had a break in? This will be my third time. There really are no words adequate enough to describe the feeling of personal violation.


Barry said...

Yes, I had my car broken into a few years back. The thief was interrupted by my next door neighbor who had come out on his front porch for a cigarette.

Annoying we have a change compartment on the dash which contained 50-60 cents, but instead of opening it and taking out the few coins in there, he ripped it out of the dash breaking a hinge, which cost me $200 to have repaired.

Craig Peihopa said...

Me too Barry, my car back small window was smashed and cost me $650 to replace, the smallest window in the vehicle, they said they cost more because they are rarely broken, yeah right. It is a feeling of violation. My overriding feeling is that if the people had have waited til I returned and said to me, I was going to smash your window, but didn't, could you give me $50 I would have!!! certainly much more than they got away with.

Anyway, I am glad you are ok Goldenrod. If it was me who was greeted at the door with a cantankerous response I would have said sorry to trouble you and walked away!!! I am rude aren't I. I laughed though because I have often felt interrupted at times that are inconvenient for me.

Goldenrod said...

A habit carried over from my many years of cab driving, Barry, is that I still keep all of my loose change on a ledge in the driver's side door. It was still there, as was my mailbox key - I have only the one! - and a nail file. I mention the nail file because I have somehow misplaced TWO within the past two weeks! And so, I am thankful for little blessings.

Your car's intrusion almost sounds like it happened during the middle of the day. Nervous jervous!

Craig, I still haven't written my neighbor a thank you note, but I will! I think I know what you mean by "just walking away". I've tried to imagine what I might have done in a similar situation. I think I would have stood my ground - as he did - and explained why I was being so insistent.

Thank you both for your comments. Sometime further on down the line, I might write a post about my two house break ins - one in Ohio and the other here in Houston (In this house, as a matter of fact, but many years ago!) ... ... but, that will be for another time. (perhaps)

Tammy said...

I'm just glad you are OK Goldenrod. We've only been broken into once...the place before where we live now. They did no damage - only took Monty's very, very, very nice set of golf clubs. We were thankful that was all. It's just such an awful feeling to know some unwelcome person has been pawing through your personal things.

Goldenrod said...

"pawing through your personal things" ... a quite indescribable personal violation, Tammy. Unless one has been through it, one has really no idea how terrible it is.

Worst of all, I now find myself going outside in the middle of the night and checking on the yard and garage. I'll be going out to Katy to spend Christmas with my daughter and her family, but I dasn't take anything out to the car until 'the morning of'. I resent that fact. I can't even beGIN to tell you how much!