Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Christmas music - 2009 - #1

We'll begin this season again with Mannheim Steamroller's exquisitely-performed "Silent Night". I can think of few other pieces of Christmas music that better epitomize this most holy of days.

[Now, for some unknown reason, the first 30 seconds or so of this recording have no sound, but it's worth the wait. I've listened to it three or four times now, and it's the same every time. What happened? I don't know.]

The violinist who performs this wonderful tune has a pureness of tone matched by very few others. Just close your eyes and be transported - as I was - a few years back when I heard this group perform live here in Houston. Here we go ... ...

Wasn't that just wonderful? More coming.

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Chuck said...

Merry Christmas, Goldenrod!

YouTube disables music that breaks copyright law, so that may explain the blank 30 second intro to the movie.