Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Well, as usual this morning, Punxatawney Phil woke up from his hibernation long enough to cast his shadow, thus announcing to one and all that there would be six more weeks of winter.

That announcement was immediately drowned out by a long and loud chorus of boos from the enthusiastic crowd, which just moments before had been wildly cheering for their Pittsburgh Steelers.

Did any of you watch the Super Bowl? I'm a baseball nut, but did happen to tune the game in just as that 100-yard return of an interception occurred. I called my daughter expressing my joy over just witnessing such a fantastic play and was met with this awesome silence on the other end.

I had remembered that she and her husband were at opposite ends of the betting scale for this game, but had forgotten which team she was rooting for. I wonder if they're speaking this morning. That must have been some kind of wild 4th quarter!

[I just called her to find out if they're speaking and she said, "Well, he's not up yet, so we're not speaking." Rrvit!]

She said that the Steelers played dirty. I acknowledged that they have long been known for same. But when she added that the Cardinals played with finesse* and grace, that's where I drew the line.

We had some exchanges about how the game of football basically involves these guys pounding one another and then running for their lives, but I remember - way back when - Joe Namath quarterbacking the Jets. Remember those gimpy knees? Remember how well he was protected in the backfield until he could release the ball?

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I can still see him receiving the snap and then tiptoeing and pirouetting around to ballet music - all the action slowed way down - while bodies were slowly flying through the air all around him.

Did that really happen? I prefer to think that it did. Certainly makes for a better story!

*She didn't say 'finesse'. I took some literary license here.


Tammy said...

6 more weeks of winter! So what, that means summer will hit my area in July???? lol

My hubby and I both like football, but we always forget to watch any of it. I think we've watched 2 superbowl games in the past 10 or so years. For some reason yesterday morning we flipped on the tv and saw part of the pregame show. We learned who was in it this year, who was the "underdog" and all sorts of useless interesting trivia. Anyway, it got us hooked and we watched it.

We were cheering for the Cardinals simply because they were the underdogs, but quite honestly we didn't mind who won because they both played so well and seemed (to us) to deserve a win. There were some fabulous plays, weren't there? Katie and Emily even loved watching with us. Kayla of course declared it "boring" and went in the other room to watch some dvd or other.

Did you happen to see the post game coverage where Joe Namath awarded the trophy? The girls had no idea who he was, so I tried to explain a bit. Emily replied, "Oh I get it, he's like Michael Jordan in basketball." Yeah, you could say that. lol!

Goldenrod said...

Now you and I both know, Tammy, that you only have summer in June, right? (The only reason I know that's when YOUR summer is cuz you posted same last year, remember?) Tee hee!

I got just a HUGE kick out of your saying that Joe Namath presented a trophy after the game. "Did I happen to see the post-game coverage?" (you asked) Surely you jest, Tammy! The one and ONLY play of the game that I saw was the one I wrote about in my post. Otherwise, I was watching part one of "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austen). Fell asleep halfway through, and then woke up again five+ hours later to catch what I had missed. Thank goodness they schedule repeats!

Craig Peihopa said...

Our news here covered the groundhog event, I watched with some degree of curiosity.

And as for the superbowl, we had the first Australian ever to play in the superbowl for the losing team, Mr. Graham. He was interviewed here and he was thinking of his mum who was watching the game from her hospital bed in Melbourne, victoria suffering from cancer.

As always a great post.

Goldenrod said...

You had an Australian playing in the Super Bowl for the 'first ever' time? Sorry I did not know that little bit of info, Craig, or I certainly would have included it in my post.

Punxatawney Phil has been around in this country only a little more than a hundred years. It's a joke, really, but certainly a fun one!

I hope that your fellow Aussie's mum was able to watch her son play, albeit in a losing effort. :)