Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Planning a party ...

... can be a whole lot of fun, particularly if you're just a little bit on the 'outside' just looking in.

That was the situation in which I found myself, maybe a month or so ago, when one of my very dear friends asked me to compile a list of names/addresses/phone #s, etc., of those people in the bridge world who might possibly still 'be around' -- in other words, still alive and among the living -- and who would remember same 'honoree' and might want to be included in an invitation list to his 'surprise' 60th birthday party.

Understand, mind you, that said honoree doesn't live here -- and hasn't, for many many years. However, his sister does, and SHE is my 'very dear friend'.

Does that not strike you as unusual?? It does me!! (I'm sorry. There are probably a BUNCH of you who don't know that he and I were, at one time -- again, many years ago -- engaged to be married.)

I think I have gotten very much off track here. Suffice it to say that the party will go on, as scheduled, this Saturday (3/29), from 6-9pm.

My daughter wanted to know what they could bring ... the suggestion was a bottle of red wine. I will be bringing one of the raciest cards I can find, along with a small container of prophylactics.

More later. (??)

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Tammy said...

Oh too funny! :)