Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter ...

... is tomorrow, actually, but I am going to post this today.

As all of you who read my previous post know, I've been up since three this morning. I haven't yet been back to bed for a nap.

I just called my favorite Indian restaurant, and they're open, so I'll be taking a 'time out' shortly to go and pick up some of their delectable food to go.

My day will not end until I have finished watching "The Robe" (for at least the twentieth time!) on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) late this evening -- midnight or so.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share something with you.

A few minutes ago I logged on to a very special music website, one that I have visited many times before. I just sat here, looking at the lovely photograph and absorbing the moving piano accompaniment.

As I continued to quietly enjoy, the words of a tune that I have sung time and time again crept into my mind and heart. Here they are, in part ...

God so loved the world, God so loved the world
That He gave His only begotten son

That who so believeth, believeth in Him
Should not perish, should not perish

But have everlasting life.

I pray that all of you have a blessed and glorious Easter.


Tammy said...

Would you mind sharing the website with us?

Happy Easter to you, too! :)

Goldenrod said...

Tammy, I assume you're referring to the music. I'm listening to it as I type this response.

Try ... it's another of those I accidentally found while cruising the net.

The picture doesn't change. Neither does the accompanying music.

It's just beautiful ... soothing ... romantic ... all that good stuff.

I don't know how often this person changes it up. All I know for certain is that I really like it.