Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And so it continues

Ho hum, seven in a row now. I told you, D'backs, that your fortunes would change. Three more, and then you'll have to face some real teams again. Aawww!

You know, I was just casually looking through the MLB standings this morning and a few things kind of jumped out at me ... ...

... The National League East, where all of the teams are hovering around the .500 mark and only three games separate first from last place.

... Really jumping out was a team that obviously needs our help in stopping their losing streak, which now stands at seven. When I checked to see who it was, however, I saw that it was the Astros. Oh, dear! How does one help one's self stop one's own losing streak?

... There are three teams in the American League, tho, who could use our help .. the Athletics, Angels and Mariners .. all from the American League West. Come to think of it, this division is even tighter than the Eastern division of the National League. Only two and a half games separate first from last place.

I wonder when we get to play some American League teams this year? Maybe we'll get a chance to help them out. Give me a sec here while I check the Astros schedule. Naah! We don't play any American League teams until June. Only one from the American League West, the Rangers .. a six-game series altogether, where we play for the Silver Boot. Plus one each from the American League Central (Royals) and East (Yankees). Unless I've missed something completely - and that's certainly possible! - we don't face just one division's teams in interleague play in 2010. I mean, we always play the Rangers for the Silver Boot in a six-game set each year, but I'm talking about the rest of interleague play. The rules must have changed and I was just not paying attention, right?

[Sorry, folks. Got terribly distracted in searching for my post on the Silver Boot. Going backwards through all of my sports posts, I came across this one and just had to watch Torvill and Dean's 1984 gold medal-winning ice dancing performance of Bolero again. I might even decide to watch it one more time before coming back to baseball. What an upper! My logical mind tells me there are two separate people skating out there, but my eyes say otherwise. They see only one - synchronized, fluid and beautiful to watch while the music plays in the background.]

OK, I'm back, still scrolling backwards through my sports posts. I saw another one with a name in it - Aram Tolegian - that brought back a few memories. I had forgotten that I'd talked about possibly keeping a record of what Aram said in his Power Rankings from week to week this year, starting from week one.

[When I first saw Aram's name last year, I was struck by the similarity between his name and Ara Parseghian's. Remember him? Notre Dame's football coach for many years?]

Well, that idea kind of fell by the wayside this year, because Aram is no longer doing the power rankings and comments. Some fellow named Dayn Perry is. Who's Dayn Perry? I haven't the vaguest idea, but I'm having some trouble making the adjustment to a different writer. And, if you've taken the time to look at the rankings this year, you probably have noticed a humongous disparity in them from week to week. Doesn't do much (for me) to add to his credibility.

Still scrolling. Have come across the name Chris Coste a couple of times. I wonder whatever happened to him? Well, I just googled his name and it looks like he's with the Washington Nationals right now. He's not having the professional baseball world's most distinguished career, but he's still around.

Still scrolling. Found it! "It" being my post on the Silver Boot.

Later, sports fans!


The Bug said...

I went to read your Silver Boot post & saw that you weren't sure whether the Braves & Boston were a "natural" rivalry. It's a stretch, but the Braves used to be in Boston back in the day. They were called the Boston Beaneaters & later changed their name to the Braves. When the American League created the Red Sox a lot of the Beaneaters jumped ship & decimated the team. Got this from Wikipedia.

Craig Peihopa said...

always enjoy your musings Goldenrod.

Craig Peihopa said...

Hope you are well Goldenrod. How is that grape salad going?

Goldenrod said...

You're probably as close to being right as anyone can be, Bug, with your thoughts about a 'natural' rivalry between the Braves and Red Sox. Did you check the interleague playing schedule for your Braves this year? (Sometime in June, I should think.) If they're playing the Red Sox twice - home and away - then I'd say you were dead on.

By the way, your Braves are managing to hang in there in their division, while the Reds are doing a good job of keeping the Cardinals on their toes.

A really light schedule in the majors tonight. Cincinnati and Atlanta are playing, as are the Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox. Most of 'our club', as a matter of fact. LOL The Astros and Cardinals are both off.

Craig, there are MANY posts in the archives of "Goldenrod's thoughts" about grape salad. If you'd like to go back and refresh your memory, just type in "grape salad" in the little rectangular box that appears towards the top left of my home page and then hit "Enter".

I just went back and reread them myself. Nothing has changed. :(