Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exhaustion sets in

This has been the longest day yet.

John (son-in-law) came over this morning instead of my daughter, who has a whole bunch of other things going on in her life right now and really needed to take a day away from it. Initially, I thought this might not work out very well because only my daughter and I had been working on packing and sorting for three days straight and he was not personally familiar with what had been happening. I thought we might lose a lot of valuable time, which is in some scarcity right now.

[The movers are coming over tomorrow morning at 11am to give their estimates. I'm not due to actually be packed up and loaded by them for another four or five weeks - after Beth and I head out towards Nashville. They'll come here and pack me up first, then go directly out to Katy and load the rest of the truck with my daughter and her family's stuff before heading north and east towards New Hampshire. At least, that's the plan as of today. We hope that's what will be happening! LOL)

As it turned out, however, not a moment was lost. He didn't leave until 5:30 and it was almost nonstop talking, sorting, packing, bagging and trashing that whole time. What time did he get here? I don't know. Before 10:30, I'm pretty sure. Maybe before 10:00, because I'd been up for at least a couple of hours already working on stuff that required solitary thinking with no interruptions.

A long, long day. I'm thinking about going over to KFC - the closest one - and ordering their crispy (dark meat, thigh and leg) 2-pc. dinner to go with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. Wish me luck not falling asleep at the dinner table while eating it, ok?

I'll try and post another update tomorrow. We'll see. For sure, you should expect the next one in the ongoing "Goldenrod's move" breaking news story by Sunday.



Tammy said...

Looking forward to more details. Your announcement came from nowhere!

Enjoy your KFC and take a break tonight!

Craig Peihopa said...

I have missed you Goldenrod. You will be in my thoughts and good wishes for the coming few days and weeks.

whalechaser said...

It seems there is no limit to exhaustion that sets in during the moving process. I think it is because not only the physical strain wears you down but there is also a great emotional price being paid at the same time..and we don't realize it until later when it is all over. Be kind to yourself Goldie. My prayers are with you.

The Bug said...

Oh I HATED moving. And Dr. M did most of the work.

Wish you luck!

Jacky said...

Looking for your Sunday "breaking news" story!
Be sure you check your e-mail.

Craig Peihopa said...

thinking of you!

Nancy said...

I hope the move goes really well! I'm glad you got helpful help from the son-in-law. I bet that chicken tasted good. :-)