Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy endings

I love happy endings, don't you? I had occasion recently to watch two movies - one from the 1950's (Sayonara) and one from 2000 (Chocolat) - both of which had happy endings. I had forgotten that they did. That trait - forgetting the ending - was one my first husband found quite appealing. He always enjoyed taking me to the movies, even tho it might have been one I had seen a few times before. LOL

Between the two films, Academy Award nominations numbering close to twenty resulted. I have never been much of a Marlon Brando fan, but he is perfect in his role as a bigoted US Air Force major forced to relocate to post WWII Japan. The photography is exquisite and I highly recommend you renting this if you have never seen it before. In fact, you might want to allow enough time for two showings.

"Sayonara" is based on James Michener's novel - you can find an extensive writeup about it here. Racism and prejudice were highly evident in both the film and novel, but Michener's ending was very different. [This just to warn you ahead of time.]

"Chocolat", on the other hand, struck me (the first time I saw it) as a fantasy .. something unreal and from fairy tale land. When I saw the film again earlier today, I had the same impression. A delightfully impossible tale about a woman who arrives in town, opens a chocolate store during Lent, begins to influence a number of townspeople and is the source of a lot of suspicion and anger.

It is a happy and rare day when I can unequivocally recommend two films. This is such a day. Happy viewing!

Oh! Almost forgot to tell you where you can read a pretty decent writeup about the second film. Here it is, courtesy of Wiki again. :)


Jacky said...

Haven't seen these movies, but they both sound good.
Thought about you Saturday night at the Montmorenci Alumni Banquet. They had done an historical CD of the school and one of the years they showed, for the staff, you were teaching 1st grade. There was your name, first on the list of teachers!

Goldenrod said...

Rrvit, Jacky! Wish I'd been there. Kudos to all of you in this small (but obviously tightly-knit) community whose very existence was threatened to be torn apart when the school closed many years ago.

Hot damn! Wish I'd been there!!

Goldenrod said...

Jacky, have you read my two latest posts? And YES, I'm planning to come your way and visit. In the not too far distant future, either! I hope you and Al will be in town and have room for me to stay and time to visit a day or two before I continue on with my extensive trip north and east. (?)

Have some things I'll be bringing with me to show you .. some very funny, others poignant, all memorabilia kind of stuff - you know how that goes, right? :)

(Hope you subscribed to followup comments on this post. Did you? If so, you'll be getting this one. Right now, the earliest date I can reasonably suggest for my arrival at your place would be June 22nd. I'm hoping to make a brief stop in Indpls (from my stay in Cincinnati on the 21st and on the way to West Lafayette on the 22nd) to meet for the very first time and have lunch with - he suggested dinner, but then that would have me arriving at your place too late in the evening on the 22nd, wouldn't it? - a BBO friend and his wife.

Gotta go now. Have to respond to some of the comments on the first of the afore-mentioned 'latest' posts. I initially published that post with a couple of dates wrong and want to make sure that 'Bug', in particular, is aware of those changes.

Later! If I can remember and when I have the time, I'll send you a separate e-mail alerting you to read those two posts and this latest response to your comment on "Happy endings".

Hope to see you in person real soon, Jacky! Won't that be fun?