Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simon Says ... #4

Folks, you're in for a treat today!

These come around few and far between. In fact, the last one I came across was so long ago that I can't remember when it was! LOL

Same oh, same oh, as far as directions go. (See previous Simon Says posts for more details.) Follow each instruction exactly and in order. If you don't, as with happened with Nancy in the last one, you'll end up far off the mark, wondering where you could possibly have gone wrong.

This one is really easy. The only step you need to take a little extra care with (imo) is #9. Make sure you move the indicated letter far enough to the right. This sort of direction has almost always been my downfall. :(

Ready to begin? Good!

1. Print the phrase HIGH NOON, omitting the space between words.
2. Change the double O to a double L.
3. Insert a C after the fourth letter. (This type of direction always means 'from the left', ok?)
4. Delete the vowel.
5. Insert a K after the fourth letter.
6. Change each H to an E.
7. Insert an R between the second vowel and the first consonant from the left and change the rightmost letter to a Y.
8. Switch the letter that comes earliest in the alphabet with the second vowel from the left.
9. Move the leftmost letter five positions to the right. Be careful here!
10. Insert an A in the third position from the left and delete the N.

(What do you see? If you see GRACE KELLY, you're halfway there. Hooray! When I saw this, I laughed out loud. What fun!!)

11. Switch the two leftmost vowels with each other.
12. Replace the double letter with DO.
13. Delete the first and last letters.
14. Change the K to a double W.
15. Insert an I between the two adjacent letters that are next to each other in the alphabet.
16. Insert an R in the fifth position from the left.
17. Insert an N in the third position from the right.
18. Delete the third vowel from the right.
19. Move the leftmost W to the right end.
20. Delete the consonant that comes earliest in the alphabet.

What do you have? If you have REAR WINDOW, congratulations! Wasn't that just great fun? I don't think I've seen more than one or two of these previously. Had to share it with you as quickly as I could!


The Bug said...

I got Grace Kelly with no trouble at all, but then I ended up with Rear Wirdow (figured out I had inserted another R instead of an N). One of these days I'll get it in one try!

Tammy said...

Oh, ho, ho...this was fun! LOL

The girls and I did these together (out loud) but on our own pieces of paper. When we were half way through, Emily and Katie both had Grace Kelly, but I sure the heck didn't. It took me a couple of times with their help figuring out what I did wrong. We did all end up with Rear Window. :)

By the way, Kayla said, "This is dumb!" (after messing up each direction) and went to her room in a huff. ROFLOL ;)

Tammy said...

Please do tell us where you find these puzzles! Is there a book or magazine filled with them? Or are they scattered about in a puzzle book of lots of different types of puzzles?

The older girls and I enjoy doing them so much. Kayla? Not so much. ;)

Goldenrod said...

They're scattered about, Tammy. Usually no more than one (if that) in any issue. Plus, there are no separate puzzle books with just Simon Says in them ... at least, not that I'm aware of. Will let you know if I see or hear of any.