Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scattered thoughts ...

... for Sunday, April 11th, 2010.

What did I do of import Thursday? I got a haircut. Badly needed. To say that I looked like a shaggy dog would be kind. I'm not 'gorgeous', but my hair is at least trimmed and neat. A good thing.

On Friday, I made the long drive out to Kemah and enjoyed two - after all, it was happy hour! - of their delicious margaritas, at the same time enjoying chips and dip and nibbling on red snapper, some of which is still in my refrigerator and about to undergo its second warmup. :)

I had the car radio on all these times, of course, and took a few notes on what I heard that I had some reaction to. These are in addition, for the most part, to what I've seen on television recently ... ...

Sarah Palin ... Have you gotten tired of hearing that name? I have! I'm tired of seeing her face, her daughter's and grandchild's faces and hearing Sarah's 'down home' accent. It just sounds "hillbillyish" to me.

Sandra Bullock ... The nasty thought occurred to me that she was given an Academy Award only because she would shortly become so controversial and could provide so much grist for Hollywood's never-ending gossip mills. I mean, my goodness! Sandra Bullock's personal life this, Sandra Bullock's love life that ... ... stop, already!!

Tiger Woods? Same type of comments.

What's been happening to our gas prices, anyway? They're nowhere near what they were a couple of years ago, but still! I couldn't help but notice them.

One final little thought ... ... I passed a Mister CarWash on the way back home and saw a sign that said, "Go, Astros!"

Go, Astros??? They're aught and five right now, folks. Nuff said.

That's all for today. I'm going to take a little break here and play some BridgeBaseOnline. I hope, if I don't meet up with one of my 'friends', that I'll at least hook up with a halfway decent partner.

Catcha next time, ok?


Craig Peihopa said...

Lovely post Goldenrod, but with you on a break, it is never good enough. I miss your pearls of wisdom.

I published this note and thought you might get a laugh out of it

Craig Peihopa said...

no matter how short that break might be. Oh and GO ASTROS!

The Bug said...

I saw the Astros record - ouch! They're 0-6 as of this morning. The Braves & Reds are middle of the pack (3-3 for each of them). Of course it's too early to say anything - but at least for us it feels like business as usual.

Tammy said...

I hear you on Sarah Palin, Sandra Bullock, and Tiger Woods. Can I throw Kate Gosselin in there too? Pretty please?? ;)

I just saw another story on gas prices on Yahoo the other day listing the 10 states where gas costs the most. Of course Idaho made the list...grumble, grumble, grumble. lol