Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cold feet

Last night was a three-blanket night. I woke up in the wee morning hours not shivering exactly, but not toasty warm, either. I leaned over to get another blanket, spread it out over the two already there, and voila!

I guess it was about a month ago that I kept waking up with cold feet. Now those will eventually give way to cramps and I just can't let that happen. Then I have to get up and walk around until they go away. Plus, I can't return to bed too soon, or the cramps will come right back. A lose lose situation.

I've always been subject to having cold feet, particularly at night. I used to wear socks to bed, but they don't really do the trick. What does work are piles of blankets - encasing my lower extremities in a sort of warm cocoon - concentrated on the bottom portion of my body. What luxury!

My first husband, who always seemed to be nice and cozy warm, suggested one night that I place my feet on his tummy. Now that did the trick, too, but I can't imagine that there are too many husbands out there who would allow such a thing!

I have developed a new addiction ... ... corn on the cob from KFC. They serve it to go piping hot and with each piece tightly wrapped in tin foil. Oh, wow! I bring two pieces home, add butter and salt and pepper to taste a little bit at a time, and savor each morsel. I'll be going to get some more later this afternoon. I skipped yesterday.

Yesterday was Shipley's glazed dohnuts day. Hot out of the oven - 5 am, or thereabouts - they are absolutely unbeatable and just melt in your mouth! I'll buy three if I'm there that early. And no, I wasn't there at 5am. The shop I frequent is open 24 hours. Kind of unusual for a dohnut store, I think.

Do you have a favorite doughnut place where you live? We have many different kinds here in Houston, but Shipley's has always been my favorite. There are several Hispanic bakeries ... one just a mile or so from here that does a humongous business, with cars sometimes even lined up in the street!

Remember my addiction to fudge bars a few months back? Well, I still have a few left in the freezer. Hang on a sec here while I go check to see how many. Seven. Seven, can you believe that?!? Ice cream has an expiration date, doesn't it? Those are probably inching towards it, but my palate just doesn't have a desire for chocolate of any sort right now.

Speaking of ice cream, tho, I have been buying some ... butter pecan from Baskin-Robbins, just down the street from me - close to the bridge studio, actually. Tonight (from 5-10pm) all of their locations in Houston will be offering ice cream at 31 cents a scoop. That's a good deal, isn't it? I don't know. I won't be going because I buy it by the quart for $5.59 and have a nice quantity in the freezer patiently waiting for my consumption.

Btw, I just found out about - via my internet-searching fingers - this location. Have been going to one much further away! LOL This goes back to my taxicab-driving days, when I was on the way east and not really looking around to see what might be available much closer to home. (Same thing is true for a closer KFC location, which I find quite amusing, in almost a macabre sort of way! No such luck with Luby's, tho. They're still as far away as ever.)

All for now, folks. Hope this day finds you well, ingesting food you really enjoy and looking forward to the rest of the week.


Tammy said...

Oh Goldenrod, shame on you for making my mouth water! Piping hot corn on the cob slathered with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper sounds heavenly right now...

Goldenrod said...

I feel properly chastised, Tammy! LOL

Craig Peihopa said...

You can whet my appetite anytime Goldenrod! I LOOOVE Corn on the cob, the only place I can buy it now is the Rocks area of the city, KFC doesn't have corn here in OZ anymore, they ditched it some years ago. I can of course by the ears at a supermarket or Green Grocer and throw it in the pressure cooker but at $2.00 a long cob with butter, salt its just easy to by and munch as you shop. they also have strawberry shish kebabs with marshmallows dipped in rich creamy or dark chocolate and they dip it in front of you! hmmmm yummo!

And as for the feet on the stomach, to someone who thinks visually, that means you had a huge bed, or the rest of you was kinda hanging out of the bed, or you were in a different position altogether, and perhaps I should stop there! hehehe

Tammy said...

OK, so I read this post just before lunch, and now it's about an hour or two before dinner and I'm reading Craig's comments about the strawberry shish kabobs! stomach is rumbling again. LOL ;)

hiawatha9 said...

You could have had my warm tummy for your cold feet.