Monday, April 26, 2010

The "Forever" stamp

I have a few other topics that I'm going to talk about in later posts, but thought I'd share this little tidbit with you before it disappears completely from my mind.

Did you know ... ... that the US Post Office is still selling those 'Forever' stamps - and, at the original price? (44 cents each) I found that out just a few days ago when the lady in front of me - I was there to mail Jacky's copy of my will - bought three books of them.

Dumb me. I thought, a couple of years back, when I bought several booklets of twenty each, that they wouldn't be offered for sale again and that those stamps could be used forever, no matter how many times first class postage went up. That's true, but they can still be purchased. Did you know that?? If you're running low on these stamps, hie your body on over to your local branch and get some more while the gettin's good!


Tammy said...

I knew we could use them "forever," but I didn't know they were still 44 cents each. Good to know.

LOL, I just came home from the post office...funny coincidence. I didn't buy any stamps though, or even mail anything. I was there to drop off my recycling!

Goldenrod said...

It almost blew my mind when I saw her walk away with sixty more of those stamps, Tammy. I thought the deadline for purchasing them had been LONG gone!

Chuck said...

I believe the Forever stamps always sell at the current price of first class postage. When you bought them several years ago they were the then current price, probably 42 cents. Those old ones can be used now even though the price is now 44 cents. Buy them now at 44 cents and when the price goes up again, they will still be good, though the new ones will be selling for whatever current price then is. That's why there is no price ON the stamp (which makes it easier for USPS not having to print new ones with a new price.)

Craig Peihopa said...

Do you have a picture of these for the people from the land down under?

Nancy said...

Thanks for the reminder- I need to go get some of those.

Goldenrod said...

Well, Chuck is 100% correct in that the Forever stamps will always sell at whatever the current first class postage rate is. The current rate is 44 cents.

I checked my records. I purchased 40 of these stamps on March 12, 2008, at the original price of - not 44 cents, as I'd thought - but 41 cents.

SO, no need to rush on over to the post office, unless you want to stock up on some at the current price of 44 cents.