Monday, February 4, 2008

Trans Texas Corridor

Much of the focus in local (TX) news the past week or so has been on the so-called "Trans Texas Corridor". Hiyiyippeehooray!

Folks, we've been aware of this 'corridor' for MANY years!! Why is this all of a sudden in the spotlight?!?

You know what? I don't know the answer to that question! As a taxicab driver, I drove up and down US Highway 59 between downtown Houston and Intercontinental Airport (IAH) countless times, and -- for years -- saw signs (and they were pretty!) that said, "Future Intrastate Corridor 69".

I thought nothing about the signs (other than that they were attractive), because it had been my understanding that this "Intrastate Corridor" was part of a much larger interstate-type system that would extend from somewhere in upstate New York (probably originating in Canada, actually) in the Northeast to Mexico in the Southwest. US Highway 59, of course, which goes right through Houston, would be incorporated into this network.

This was a good thing, I thought.

Then, just a very few years ago, I noticed that the 'very pretty' signs for "Future Intrastate Corridor 69" were no longer there!

Originally, I didn't think too much about it. You know, I thought, "Well, road construction. They can't have all these signs up." "Vandals. You know vandals, they'll take anything and everything that's not nailed down."

NOW it seems, however, that there have been all sorts of "town meetings" going on, TV news cannot stop salivating at all the negative reporting possibilities, someone built their lifelong 'dream home' on the right of way (KNOWN to be a 'right of way' for many years!!).

I want to know, "Where does this misinformation end?" "Whom can we possibly believe?"

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