Monday, February 11, 2008

Flowers ... #2 ...

... are for funerals. Whether or not they are used for mourning, or to try and uplift those in attendance's spirits, or -- perhaps, so that the newly departed may yet once more 'see' some of the earth's beauty before they must leave for another realm, they seem to have the unique ability to raise one's hopes, to renew one's beliefs, to restore one's faith.

Do you believe that a person lives after death in some form? For years after my mother died, I believed that she would actually be able to 'see' me, some way or another. I wrote her a letter (probably have a copy of it somewhere, if I know me!). In that letter, I vowed that, " ... when she saw me, she would not be ashamed ... " (My mother's death, by the way, was the catalyst for my moving back to Houston in the late 70's. I was no longer able to look at or live with myself honestly.)

While I would like to think that she is, somehow, still present -- and, of course, a very large part of her is in me in re DNA, upbringing, environment, moral, ethical and social standards, etc. -- I really have no way of knowing for certain that this might actually be so.

I probably do not want to definitively know, either. I guess I would rather continue in wonderment and awe, willing to learn or be shown while seeking answers. I would not dare to pre-suppose ... no, I would not dare!

... are for any reason ... any occasion.

I have not made a study of what each color or type of flower might be appropriate or supposed to represent, nor do I intend to do such a study any time soon.

I have been known to give flowers to casual friends, to people whom I've just met on the street (unusual, but I've done so!), to family, to those whom have invited me over for dinner or just a casual evening of conversation, as a "house-warming" or "welcome to the neighborhood" gift, as a "thank you" for an unexpected kindness.

Each floral gift was received with -- no exception! -- a very large smile and 'thank you'.

... are wondrous creations of God. They make us feel glad to be alive and a part of His universe.

Today, while shopping at Walgreen's, I passed by (for the gazillionth time, I guess!) their tiny little area showing pre-packaged fresh flowers. As usual, I stopped to admire the limited selections. And, as usual, I noticed that one could purchase a single flower (in most cases, a red rose) for $2.99 (+ tax).

It's not that I have never purchased a single flower -- I have, many times, to take to the cemetery to place on my "significant other's" grave.

The weather was kind of lousy (not new for this time of year in Houston -- drizzly, cloudy, rainy, just your normal mid-winter 'yukkiness' except, right now, we've got a pretty good-sized thunder boomer going on directly overhead, along with some hail!), and I thought, "Hey there, Goldenrod, why don't you take some of these flowers home with you? You're there now to enjoy them, why not?"

Why not, indeed! I did, and I've been smiling ever since. I'm going to have to change the water and try to keep them fresh as long as possible, but I'm just so tickled at myself I don't know how to begin to tell you!! (Brag, brag, my apologies, but I'm just about to burst with self-pride! You know, for many years I was a cab driver and was NEVER home to enjoy stuff like this ... it feels really good!!)

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