Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kindred spiritualism

Dear Lord, please accept this humble prayer for my very dear blogger friend, Tammy. She's at a 'low' point right now, and I hope that you might help support her as she tries to wend her way out of this morass that she's in. Surround her with your love, hold her in your arms, protect her from harm, and help guide her safely through this dark period in her life. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

I publish this prayer in the knowledge that there will be many who will read this post, and perhaps some of those that DO read it will feel inspired to add their own private "Amen" -- maybe even have a supportive thought or two of their own.

I have never met Tammy or spoken to her on the telephone. I do not know what she looks like. I would not be able to recognize her if I passed her on the street.

In "Anonymity personified ... part one ...", published by me on January 30th of this year, I described some of my early blogging experiences. Tammy is first mentioned in that post.

Since that time, we have exchanged many e-mails ... you know, stuff that is of a more personal nature, not necessarily something one might want to include in a public post. In one, she enclosed a picture of her great-grandfather, who was a taxicab driver in St. Louis. In others, she offered little snippets of additional information, and sometimes asked questions about something or another in one of my posts. She was encouraging when I was 'down'.

Tammy homeschools her children, and most of her posts focus on those activities. I feel as tho I have gotten to know her whole family. Sometimes she includes just luscious-looking pictures of some food item or another that one of her children has made -- and, if I haven't yet eaten, my mouth will not stop salivating until I DO!

On February 21st, I was shocked to discover that she had passed on the "Spread the Love" award to me! In her reasoning for my award, she said that my blog either A) made her think B) made her laugh or C) reminded her that she had wonderful memories of her own ... all good reasons, she said, to read my blog.

That very same day, I posted "Heartfelt thoughts are ... ..." on this site, and mentioned Tammy for the second time. In that post, I included an original poem that was inspired, in part, by her.

It's really hard to believe that only a few days have passed since then! On the 25th, I sent her an e-mail asking if everything was O.K. I had noticed a variance in her posts, and was a little concerned.

On the 26th, yesterday (!), she responded with, "Yep, all's well. Just so busy!"

Later that same day, she posted her blog announcing to all of her internet friends that she was battling depression and retiring from the blogging scene for awhile.

I love you, Tammy. Talk to you again real soon.

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Tammy said...

What a thoughtful and kind post! Thanks so much! I am feeling so much better and ready to join the world of blogging (and life) again. :)