Monday, March 22, 2010

Simon Says ... #3

I can't believe it's been over four months since I last published one of these! (And I promised you one each month, too! I lied.) I am a bad, bad, bad, bad girl.

This next one has a lot of letters in it and you might find some of the directions a touch confusing. The important thing to remember is to take your time and follow the directions exactly, doing the steps in the order presented. If you do, you should end up with an amusing word or phrase that is apropos to where you started. I'm including this one, even tho it's a little complicated, because I am so fond of the answer.

Ready? (If you're not quite ready, go here, where my directions might have been a little more precise.) Now are you ready? Hope so! Here we go and good luck! ... ... ...

1. Print the phrase A SEMINAR ON TIME TRAVEL, omitting the spaces.
2. Move the last letter in the row to the immediate right of the S.
3. Insert a D in the exact center of the row.
4. Change the letter that appears latest in the alphabet to a G.
5. Exchange the second letter from the left with the eighth letter from the right.
6. Change every M to a W.
7. Delete the third vowel (A, E, I, O, or U) from the right.
8. Double the first consonant from the left.
9. Change the center letter in the row to an I.
10. Move the S two positions to the right. (Watch out here. When I first started working these, I ALways got this kind of direction wrong! If you end up with some sort of gobbledygook, this is probably where you started erring. Remember, if you get an early answer wrong, it affects all of the succeeding ones adversely. :( To give you a little hint of what I was doing wrong, I never moved the letter far enough!)
11. Change the last letter in the row to an O. (This kind of direction always means 'as you are reading, from left to right'.)
12. Move the first W from the left to the very beginning of the row.
13. Insert a Y to the immediate left of the first T from the right.
14. Delete all R's.
15. Replace the last I from the left with HE.
16. Move the first vowel from the left to the immediate right of the Y.
17. Change the leftmost A to a B and then move it three positions to the left. (As with #10, be careful!)
18. Exchange the fifth letter from the right with the seventh letter from the right.
19. Delete all N's.
20. Change the third vowel from the left to an L and move it to the immediate right of the next vowel. ("Next" means moving along the line of letters to the right.)
21. Insert an O between the seventh and eighth letters from the right.
22. Change the first T from the right to a D.

Well, how do you think you did? If you ended up with WILL BE HELD TWO DAYS AGO, hooray for you! I'm absolutely amazed and delighted to tell you that I got this one on the first try. Not trying to brag, mind you. Just conveying my astonishment!


The Bug said...

It took me FOUR tries. I kept moving the B to the right instead of to the left. It's AMAZING how you can even read the instructions out loud to yourself & STILL get it wrong!

Goldenrod said...

Rrvit, Bug! Glad you finally got it. :)

Nancy said...

I can't do these! I was lost at "double the first consonant from the left" which I thought was an S, and then it said "Move the S" indicating there was only one. . .

Craig Peihopa said...

Im with you Bug! Good post Goldenrod

Goldenrod said...

Nancy, you must have skipped step #5, which said, "Exchange the second letter from the left (the S) with the eighth letter from the right (the M)." Step #5 takes the 'S' far away from any possibility of being the 'first consonant from the left'.

If you skip a step, or get a step wrong, all the REST of the answers will be wrong, as well, and you will not be able to find the correct answer! There's no "quick solution" to a puzzle like this one.

Have you tried Simon Says #s 1 and 2, published last year? They're a little easier. In fact, a LOT easier! This puzzle was the most difficult, not only because of some of the directions, but because there were so many letters involved. It would have been easy to lose patience with the thing and try to skip ahead. Doesn't work. :(

I hope you'll try #s 1 and 2, and let me know how you do. :)

Craig Peihopa said...

just when I was getting excited for more of your posts there is silence. We miss you Goldenrod....

Tammy said...

We got this one right! The girls and I each did this on our own pieces of paper, but we thoroughly discussed each step, lol. The trickiest step for us was definitely number 15. This was so fun. :)

Goldenrod said...

I'm glad you didn't skip this one, Tammy. I thought for a moment there you HAD! :( It was - far and away - the most difficult to date. Good for ALL of you! :)

Your most difficult step was #15? Interesting!

Tammy said...

Oh yes, there was much discussion about step 15, lol!

I said, "Well if they want the last I from the left, why don't they just say the 'right' I???"

Emily told me to trust her and just do it correctly...her way.


Well we did it "correctly" (her way) and it came out right. If we'd have done it my way, it would have been very messed up and I wouldn't have heard the end of it. ;)