Monday, March 8, 2010

News from Wendy

Remember her? One year ago, give or take a month or so, I told all of you that I very much doubted if she would attempt another summit climb of Everest.

Well, it appears that I was wrong. In fact, if I can get this link to work right, you can read her latest newsletter. As you will see, she's planning to leave for Tibet on March 24th. More later.

PS. I have published many posts about Wendy. To read one or two, simply go to the top of this page, type Wendy Booker into the rectangular box at the left and hit Send. That will get you started.


Craig Peihopa said...

what an example in persistence

Goldenrod said...

Geez, I hope she makes it this time, Craig!

Barry said...

Wow, that's quite a woman! At the moment, I'm thrilled when I can climb a flight of stairs.

Let's hope the weather cooperates this year.

Goldenrod said...

Sounds like you read more than just one of two of her and my previous posts, Barry. Her team was not the only one to have to give up due to weather conditions before the summit was achieved last year. It's kind of hard for those of us who don't climb mountains to understand how very narrow that window of opportunity IS for the highest mountain of them all.

She'll be 56 very shortly. Her age, combined with the fact that she is in a constant struggle with multiple sclerosis, makes her story inspirational. Last year, I think, she overdid it. Speaking engagements out the wazoo squeezed in between training sessions.

She's cut way back on those, is training much closer to home and will be relying more on another climbing group. So, I'm hopeful that this year will be HER year!

As far as your being able to climb a flight of stairs, Barry, I think you're doing fanTAStically well!

Jacky said...

Hope that the weather holds out for Wendy this year. I followed her through your blog last year. I'll be cheering for her again this year.