Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pro Bowl

Will anyone be watching this evening? It'll be on ESPN. Cable, which I don't have. Not that it makes much difference. I doubt I would be giving it much viewing time, anyway, except perhaps for an occasional glimpse.

[Masterpiece Classic - PBS - takes precedence one of those hours. They're showing part two of a 3-part series on "Emma" tonight. Then, the next hour will see me watching Stargate SG-1. Anyone like that series? It's one of my favorites. Channel 2.2 (local) is rerunning two episodes every Sunday evening. In addition to several of the main characters - not the least of which is Amanda Tapping - continuing to hold my interest, I think Richard Dean Anderson is a "hunk".]

It has been many years since I watched a Pro Bowl game. To give you some idea of how long it's been, I guess the last time was when Warren Moon was playing in it. He was selected to play in that game nine times, the first in 1988 ... I would have watched that one, for sure!

Back then, Jerry Glanville was the Oilers' head coach. Jerry and I both attended Northern Michigan University as undergraduates. We never met personally while in college (I was a few years his senior), but the two of us sure did have a lot of fun talking about 'the good old days' when he was here in Houston. At that time, I was an avid member of the Oilers' booster club and never missed a meeting if I could help it.

[The Oilers lost me permanently as a fan when Jerry was fired, but that's a whole nuther story. I'll tell you about it sometime, if I remember - and am in the mood - to do so.]

I had the opportunity to meet and get to know - just a little bit - Warren's wife, Felicia. We attended some of the same events. (I was still in the art business, altho it was waning.) A lovely, lovely person, both visually and personality-wise. I liked her very much.

But - as usual - I digress. Back to football.

In re-reading some of Warren's biography in Wiki, I noticed prominent mention of the 1992 playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. That's the infamous (or famous, depending on whether or not you're a Bills' fan) one, where the Oilers had a second half collapse of unprecedented proportions.

There was a really good story that made the rounds here in Houston after that game. Lots of good stories made the rounds, but this one sticks in my memory banks. It seems there was this fellow whose wife had been nagging at him for a couple of weeks to mow the lawn. That particular day, the weather was absolutely beautiful here in Houston. He really had no excuse other than the Oilers-Bills playoff game. Well, we know what he did, don't we? He watched the game. At least, the first half, after which he decided - the Oilers were then up by a score of 35-3 - that the rest of the game would go the Oilers' way, as well, and went outside to mow the lawn and try to please his wife and keep some peace in the family. I don't know if he has since stopped blaming himself for their loss or not.

Well, that's about it for my thoughts on the Pro Bowl. I don't even know who is playing in it this year. Do you?

My son-in-law is of the opinion that, as the 'powers that be' scheduled that game in the week between the end of the playoffs and the Super Bowl, they were trying to drum up more interest in the Pro Bowl.

Did it work for you? Will you be watching?


Tammy said...

No, I won't be watching, but I did enjoy reading this about Warren Moon. He was one of my first husband's favorite players. I knew he played for the Oilers before seeing your mention of it in your post. Woohoo for me knowing SOMETHING about football. ;)

The Bug said...

No we didn't watch it. As I recall (I was in the kitchen reading four days worth of newspapers at the time) Dr. M was snoozing to a documentary about Sherman's march. We're not big enough football fans to watch peripheral games, although we'll tune in for the Superbowl next weekend.