Sunday, January 24, 2010

A matter of interpretation, I guess ... ... followup

Any of you remember this post? It's from last August, and provoked a lot of thoughts and comments.

I bring it up today because I recently received the most wonderful comment on it from the author of the obituary, the deceased's daughter, Robin Cash.

Actually, Robin sent her comment many days ago, but it was relegated to Zone Alarm's trash bin and I just read it yesterday.

Thank you SO much, Robin, for your extensive comment. I thought the obituary of your mother described a woman who loved life ... absolutely loved it! I just wish I could have remembered her.

It's so sad how her mind was affected in her later years. My father's memory -- and his first love was defense -- was beginning to go, as well, in his declining years. The worst part of the whole thing was that he knew it! It's one of life's more cruel 'jokes', isn't it?

Those of you who remember that post and the controversy that followed might be interested in reading Robin's comment. Just click onto the "comment" section and scroll down until you see hers.

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