Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changing computers

For Christmas just passed, I got a new computer from my daughter and her husband. My old one was on its last legs, but I was babying it along .. babying it along .. babying it along ... ... you know how that goes, right?

Well, this new one I have can do all sorts of things that theirs cannot and is almost faster than a bolt of lightning, but .. big "but" here .. you know what else it will do? (And I didn't discover this until yesterday.) It will relegate any and all comments on "Goldenrod's thoughts" to a Zone Alarm trash bin, which I didn't even know existed!

[Btw, Tammy. Your personal e-mail to me of the 19th ended up in that trash bin, as well. If I'd received it via regular channels, you can betcher sweet bippy that I never would have ignored it!]

My my! And so, when I have been tardy or even completely lacking in responding to your comments, that's the reason why. My son-in-law thought he fixed the problem yesterday, but I see I'm still getting e-mails in that trash bin .. most of them junk, I've noticed, but .. oh, well.

Meanwhile, I'll be going through your comments and responding. Playing catchup, as it were. I'll be interested to see if anyone responds to THIS post .. .. AND, if I get notification via regular e-mail, as is supposed to happen, or if the comments still get relegated to Zone Alarm's trash bin.

Hopefully, we'll get all of the bugs worked out of the system ... eventually. It's all in the setup, I'm pretty sure.


Tammy said...

So glad you are OK! After we didn't hear back from you with my comment (and Katie's) on your last post and then the unanswered email...I was getting worried. Was "fixin' to" (wink, wink) call you and see if you were OK!

The Bug said...

Testing, testing... heh. Hope all your glitches get worked out!

Jacky said...

So your computer is causing the non-response, it isn't you! That is a big relief...
I had e-mailed you too.
Kenny's big birthday party came off well Friday night. Family birthday party for Krystal's oldest, (turning 17),is tonight.
Hope that all the "bugs," (not The Bug), are out of your new computer.

Goldenrod said...

Thanks, guys! Got all of your comments via the regular route.

This computer is so new that my son-in-law really is unaware of all its nuances. All will be well .. eventually. Different, but well. (At least, I THINK so ... HOPEfully!) LOL

Jacky, I DID get your personal e-mail - and via the regular route - but didn't respond because I didn't know how exactly TO respond. As I remember, you said, "I miss your blog."

That was sent at a time when I wasn't posting. Think I covered it fairly well with my post of the 19th (right date?), but the real truth of the matter, Jacky, is that I had almost nothing to say during that time that I wanted to share with the blogging world.

Don't know how much of my lackadaisicalness can be put off to Arlene's shouting Goldenrod's praises to the world. I mean, where does Goldenrod go from there but down?

So, it wasn't ALL due to the computer - this said, in particular, in re your personal e-mail.

BUT, the responses to "Goldenrod's thoughts" were ALL - every single one - in Zone Alarm's trash bin.

Don't know if I'll be around to see my daughter's 50th or not. What a "trip" that must have been. A real milestone.

How come you guys aren't somewhere in the Carolinas about now? Did you blow your trip off for this year?

Bug, I haven't forgotten you. More "Simon Says" coming up, I promise. Just don't know when, for sure.

Hope you got my response to your comment (along with Katie's), Tammy.

Later, all!

Jacky said...

We stuck around for Kenny's 50th. Now will be trying to "get out of Dodge" before we encounter snow on our trip! We plan on being in North Carolina for most of February and March.
You need to hang in there and maybe we can all celebrate a 50th for your daughter!

Goldenrod said...

Have a safe drive, Jacky and Al.

Polimom said...

Hunh. Surely your daughter's a very VERY long way from 50...


Chuck said...

Hi from Costa Rica!

Goldenrod said...

My daughter is NOT a "very long way from 50", even tho she'd like to think she is! LOL

Costa Rica, eh? Are you guys on your honeymoon or something? Haven't looked at hardly anyone else's blog for SUCH a long time, I almost feel out of touch.

Thanks, Chuck, for checking in. Hi, Whale!