Saturday, October 17, 2009

Predators ... ...

Everywhere, it seems, there are predators. You have to be so very careful. Even then you can be caught off guard, as I was about an hour ago.

I wrote a short piece for the Examiner about a week or so ago, in which I was talking about some of my experiences with Bridge Base Online. I hope you've had a chance to read the article.

Well, earlier today I was playing again and was invited to play in a tournament coming up in 42 minutes by "Pegasus66". Without thinking about who it was who had invited me, I accepted. Almost immediately, I regretted the acceptance, and sent him a "I do not wish to hear from you again today, this afternoon, tomorrow, or EVER!" type of message and then logged off.

"Pegasus66" is the user name for a Bridge Base Online sexual predator. I've been chronicling his suggestive comments to me for a few days now, in preparation for a written complaint to the BBO 'powers that be' - in hopes that he might be either officially reprimanded or permanently removed - but he caught me by surprise by an invitation out of the blue to play in a tournament. He's never done THAT before!

Just as soon as I finish publishing this, I'll log back in to BBO and see what my status is. The tournament - supposedly - began 20 minutes ago. More later!


Tammy said...

Yikes. Let us know if any action is taken...

Goldenrod said...

You just never know, do you, Tammy?

When I logged back in, he had left another apology message for me which I did not bother to read.

Be aware and stay aware is the lesson here. You know what? I think I'm getting too old to be subjected to and have to learn/re-learn these kinds of lessons. Aren't I???

Tammy said...

Nothing surprises me on the internet anymore.

I know when I have to fill out personal info that has nothing to do with anything and is going who knows where, I have fake info that I use. And if some website "needs" my email address, I also have an extra yahoo one just for that.

As for blogging, I use real names, but very rarely our last name, and never our street address. Plus, the girls are pretty much HERE or where I know they are, not away at school, so that makes me feel better.

But there are predators everywhere. Makes me a little nervous!

Craig Peihopa said...

I hope everything gets better Goldenrod. I am concerned, but happy with the steps you have taken.
Be careful.

Goldenrod said...

I had dream after dream last night where I could not get rid of "Pegasus66" .. I logged out of BBO and logged back in .. I restarted the computer .. it didn't seem to matter (in my dreams) what I did to try and correct the situation, there he was like a LEECH!

It'll all work out, guys. Not to worry. Luv ya!