Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing .. absolutely amazing!

The things one discovers about one's self are just incredible, aren't they? Not necessarily in a good way, either!

Just a bit ago - and this went on for quite a while, actually - I was trying to get started on this new post and my machine didn't even make that option available to me. I thought, "What the devil?!?"

And so I thought, "I'll give this machine a reboot. Maybe something's just kind of 'stuck' in there." That happens, sometimes, and reboots often clear up whatever it was in the first place that was causing the obstruction. I did that a couple of times. Results the same.

Then, just as the phone rang for the first time at my son-in-law's place - I was going to ask him what I was doing or had done wrong this time, I happened to notice that my e-mail address at the top of my screen was a "gmail" one. I hardly ever use it, wouldn't you know, but had forgotten to sign out of it the last time I checked for messages.

That'll screw you up every time, folks, just in case you didn't know. Problem corrected and here I am again, typing away like mad.

Not really a whole lot new going on in my life. Did I tell you that my garbage disposal decided to up and die on me recently? Well, it did, and the problem has now gotten so bad that I can't even do dishes in the kitchen sink. Nasty stuff!

Anyhoo, ARS is scheduled to come over Monday after 10am to give me a free estimate on replacement. This'll set me back some big buck$, I'm afraid, but I can no longer tolerate being without it.

Speaking of $$, I mentored at the bridge studio again this past Wednesday and my partner and I had a 65% game. For those of you not familiar with duplicate, that's huge! We had some 'gifts' along the way - you have to have really nice things happen in order to have that big a game - but my partner played well, generally, and a couple of things came up that I was able to help her out with (I think!).

Then, after the game, I had a problem when she asked me to play with her more frequently than just once a month. Coward that I am, I guess you could say, I ignored her question.

It's not that I don't have the time. I DO have the time! It's not that I don't enjoy playing with her. I DO enjoy playing with her!

My problem might be that I've been paid for too many years to teach bridge to now just 'give away' my time. In addition to that - and my mentee is not the only one who has asked me to play as a teaching partner - I am expected to not only donate my time and years of experience, but I am expected to pay my own entry!

Folks, I simply won't/can't do it, and I am unable to figure out a nice way to say exactly what I mean. I even have dreams about this type of situation! To say that "I already gave at the office" or "I prefer to play - outside of these mentor/mentee games - with some of my regular partners" I find personally unsatisfactory and only somewhat truthful.

The truth be told, I would LOVE to have some regular mentees as partners - only if they are willing to pay for the entry and my time. I could sure use the money!


Arlene said...

When I first started playing duplicate bridge "for points" one of the first things I was told was that it is bad manners to invite someone with more points than you (and presumably better) to play with you. You were just expected to be personable, sit back and wait to be asked. Things do seem to have changed, but then, perhaps, the person/people in question may not have been taught the etiquette.

steven said...

hello goldenrod - i've been up to my eyeballs in school and home stuff so i've not been out-and-about very much in blogland. however, i am catching up on goldenrod's world which is a happymaking thing!!! etiquette in a number of areas of life appears to have been made optional. i wonder who the first person was to say "hey let it go! don't worry about what works and doesn't generate bad feelings between people." i expect it was someone whose mum didn't teach them those important little relationship sustaining things called manners!! have a lovely day. steven

Goldenrod said...

Thank you both, Arlene and Steven, for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate them.

I have decided that I'm going to just come out with a partial truth ... that I cannot afford to pay for more games than I'm currently playing in. That's the truth, but not the whole truth.

The whole truth is that - with some of these people (a lot of them, actually!), I feel as tho I'm being 'used', and I don't like it!

All of you know that I've always just 'let it all hang out' here on Goldenrod's thoughts. Well, it's all hanging out.

You feel how you feel how you feel how you feel, right? Well, THAT's how I feel!