Saturday, June 5, 2010

My kingdom for a good dohnut

I intended to stop by Shipley's to pick up a couple of my favorites - glazed - before arriving at the Bridge Studio yesterday morning to have a makeup game with Roop Prasad, my regular mentee for the past year on Wednesday mornings (2nd Wednesday of each month), but didn't have enough time. It's just as well, tho, because some kind soul had brought in a bunch of them to share with all of us!

For the past 35+ years, I've been kind of basking in the luxury of having a Shipley's dohnuts shop - well, in fact, several! - here in Houston. They're a local chain, with over 220 locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Yep, you read that right. Nothing in New Hampshire. Oh, unhappy day!

What seems to be most prevalent in New Hampshire is Dunkin' Donuts ... at one point in my visit there last week, I counted three (3!) of their stores within a half mile radius. I'll give them credit for serving a great cup of hot chocolate, but you can have the rest of their offerings. Ugh! Just not to my taste.

However, I did notice several "bakery and cafe" or "bakery and restaurant" signs in the area. Will have to investigate some of those and let you know what I discover. Hopefully, one of them will have dohnuts more to my liking and be located not too far from where I'll be living. I like them nice and soft and fresh, so I only buy two or three at a time.

Moulton's Market, located just off the Village Green in Amherst, offers a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We (daughter, son-in-law and myself) were there a couple of times last week, mainly to pick up sandwiches and soft drinks to go.

On our last day there, I noticed they had homemade soups - chili and vegetable. I smelled them both. Delicious! Their deli menu changes daily, but count on me to report back on the soups, in particular. That's one item that reheats very well in the microwave. And yes, I'll have a microwave.

Getting back to yesterday, I was more than just a little surprised when Roop presented me with a parting gift ... a 100% cashmere scarf, a tartan pattern in shades of brown and made in Scotland. (Guess she'd forgotten we were also scheduled to play in the mentor/mentee game this coming Wednesday morning.) So soft! You just wouldn't believe the softness of this scarf.

I proudly wore it around my neck the rest of our game and intend to sport it again this coming Wednesday. Thank you, Roop, for your beautiful and most thoughtful gift.


The Bug said...

Did you know that yesterday was National Doughnut Day? I'm from Krispy Kreme territory - ooh those warm glazed plain ones. Yum!

Tammy said...

We have a Krispy Kreme here...ahh...proof there is a god! ;)

Goldenrod said...

I'm pretty sure I've had Krispy Kreme dohnuts, but it wouldn't have been here in Houston. (Once I find something I like - in this case Shipley's, I just keep going back to it. I've never been one to try other things just to see if they're 'as good'.) I can't remember whether I like them or not. I'll have to give them a try if I see one of their shops on my way north and east.

Jacky said...

Krispy Kreme went out of business in the Lafayette and West Lafayette area. If you need a "donut fix," while you are here, there is a donut shop in Lafayette that has been there forever. To stay in business that long they must make good donuts! We can try them out.
How are you coming with your trip plans?

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Jacky!

Just finished sending a somewhat lengthy e-mail to Marty (BBO friend) in Indianapolis. I copied it to you. Hope you got it ok. Gives you the latest poop, as the latest poop is known as of 3:15 pm on Monday, June 7, 2010.

I'm not the world's biggest dohnut eater. In fact, I don't remember ever 'craving' dohnuts before this latest large event in my life. If I decide I absolutely MUST have a 'good' dohnut while I'm visiting you in West Lafayette, then we'll try that shop you mentioned. :)

Btw, Krispy Kreme has had their franchise problems here in Houston, as well, I was reading.

hiawatha9 said...

I enjoyed your comments regarding your move to NH

Goldenrod said...

Thank you, Hiawatha! Please feel free to leave a comment on my posts at any time, although I'm going to choose to ignore the one you left about my cold feet. LOL

Hope to see you soon.

Jo said...

Oh, goodness, you need to come to Canada for a Tim Horton's doughnut. You will be spoiled for anything else. AND Tim Horton's makes the best coffee too.

Hmmmm.... that gives me an idea. :-)

You have a fun blog...