Sunday, June 27, 2010

Along the Way .. #2

My itinerary ...

I thought I should let all of you know what I think my schedule will look like for the rest of this trip.

To recap thus far, Beth and I arrived in Memphis Friday, June 18th (late afternoon) and had a really great visit with Butch. Part of that trip was written about in my last post, and you should expect a "part two" before this series has ended.

We drove to Louisville the following Monday, stayed overnite, and I drove Beth to the airport to catch her flight back to Houston before continuing on to Indianapolis by myself. From Indy went to Lafayette, where I stayed until Friday with Jacky, my long-timey friend. Then on to Columbus, Ohio.

Have decided to take an extra day here in Columbus to try and play catchup on some badly-needed sleep, get my e-mail correspondence all caught up, and publish some more about my trip on Goldenrod's thoughts.

I am happy to report that I am sleeping very well, e-mails are all finished, and I'm publishing again for the first time in six days. :)

Tomorrow, Monday, I'll drive to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Jennie and I will catch an actual eyeball on each other for the very first time. Am looking forward to that!

Tuesday I'll be going back down south (might or might not decide to take a little jog over to Jackson first to see one of my college roommates) .. .. this time near Canton, Ohio, where I'll be staying overnight. Have a 'live' duplicate bridge game scheduled for the afternoon of the 30th. That evening (Wednesday) I'll be picking Beth up at the airport in Akron, where she'll be rejoining me for the rest of the trip to New Hampshire. At least, that's what I think will be happening!

Long story there. Long stories everywhere, actually, a few of which I'm hoping to publish before I get on my way again tomorrow.

Anyway, there you have it, the gist of my trip. Target date for a New Hampshire arrival is either late July 2nd (preferable) or mid-afternoon on the 3rd. More details coming. Many more!


Polimom said...

Glad you decided to take an extra day in Columbus. Did you find the Worthington Inn? And did it seem at all the same?

whalechaser said...

Glad you are taking your time and making the trip a memorable one! With all the fun you are having along the way, it hardly seems that you are actually moving!
Stay well.

The Bug said...

Well, I could have come to Columbus to see you but that might not have been very restful for you :)